No Man's Sky Developer Sends Mystery Packages Teasing Major Announcement

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No Man's Sky developer Hello Games has begun sending out a series of mysterious packages that collectively tease a major announcement. For those in the know, the video game intended to offer players a veritable intergalactic playground in which they were meant to be able to explore an infinite procedurally generated galaxy featuring 18 quintillion planets was an immediate disappointment upon commercial release on PS4 and PC last August.

After struggling to live up to all of the expectations that Hello Games and chief creative director Sean Murray had set players up for leading up to its release, No Man's Sky has since gone on to become one of the most critically debated video game releases from 2016. Despite offering full refunds for the original title from major retailers -- in addition to launching a major update to the product's core gameplay -- Hello Games suffered a staggering setback in the rollout of what was supposed to be a groundbreaking release. Nevertheless, the latest word has the still young studio teasing a major announcement regarding its premiere franchise very soon.

Per an official report from PCGamesN, it would appear that the folks over at Hello Games are big fans of the Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why, as an ARG happening right now is teasing upcoming content via cassette tapes. Contained within 16 packages sent out to Reddit mods have been a bunch of No Man's Sky swag and a series of cassette tapes, with two messages that read "hope you like what's next" and "dreaming of far-flung worlds."

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Considering the space exploration premise that stands behind the video game in question, it would appear as though even more planets are headed to gamers who have stuck it out with No Man's Sky despite its mixed reception and claims of false advertising. Hello Games appears to have a few more tricks up its sleeve in regard to further expanding the developer's much maligned creation.

It will be exciting for those who still play No Man's Sky to wait and see just what these Reddit mods will actually amount to. Considering the extent to which many gamers have largely abandoned the original production, all eyes are on Murray and company as Hello Games continues to recuperate and reassess what went wrong with the initial roll-out of their first major production. On that note, here's to hoping that something even better is on the way.

No Man's Sky is currently available to purchase for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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Source: PCGamesN

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