No Man's Sky May Be Delayed

No Man's Sky Release Date Delay

One of the most highly anticipated and ambitious video games of the year is Hello Games' No Man's Sky. The wait is almost over for players to get their mitts on the open-world space exploration epic that promises to have gamers holed-up inside their air-conditioned homes for most of the summer.

Unfortunately, new information has surfaced that suggests that gamers will have to wait awhile longer to immerse themselves in No Man's Sky. A new report has some inside information about a change in release date for the game - and when players can expect to actually get those pre-orders.

Kotaku has broken the news, apparently confirmed through two different sources, that No Man's Sky may be bumped from the originally planned release date of June 21, 2016, to an unspecified date in July or August. Their sources include a secret source that they cite as reputable, but perhaps even more reliable is the report from a GameStop employee who got notification that the game would be delayed and provided images of the "Coming Soon" sticker that has been placed on the pre-order signs for the game.

No Man's Sky Pre-Order Special Bundle

No Man's Sky has been all the talk since information about it first surfaced three years ago. It has been growing to a fever pitch this year, as gamers wait impatiently to get their hands on the much hyped game from the small United Kingdom production company, Hello Games. The hype has gotten so out of control that Sean Murray, the director of the game, spoke out to encourage fans to temper their expectations and not build the game to a level that it can't possibly live-up to.

In all fairness to the hype, the gameplay previews that players have been treated to thus far have revealed a game that defies all expectation. We're looking at a title that is using a ground-breaking algorithm that makes a whopping 18 quintillion planets available for us to visit and explore. The player can basically fly and land their ship on the surface of a particular planet, exit the ship and explore the terrain. The planets come packed with native creatures and unique landscapes. Once you leave the planet and travel back into space, in search of more adventures, you can move forward without any loading screen or time whatsoever.

The buzz surrounding the game was accompanied by an already fan-favorite "Explorer's Edition" collectible pre-order package. The PC set, limited to only 10,000 copies, includes a stunning 1:35 scale tin toy-style replica, exclusive traveller pin and a diorama display. The set for the PS4 is set to include the game, an art book and a comic book. The price point for the pre-order set is around $149. Meanwhile, GameStop is offering pre-orders that provide an Alpha Vector ship with upgraded lasers and hyperdrive, Rezozu Z65 weapon that offers a plasma upgrade and a 10,000 units (units are currency in the game) starting boost to get you going.

No Man's Sky will continue to taunt gamers with a "Coming Soon" release date, but will eventually release to both Playstation 4 and PC. We will provide further updates on the release date as they emerge.

Source: Kotaku

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