No Man's Sky Receives Big Underwater Abyss Update

No Man's Sky The Abyss Hello Games update

Hello Games has just dropped a massive new update for No Man's Sky that takes gamers into the dark depths of the deep blue sea. Over two years after the indie sandbox first launched, "The Abyss" is one of the game's biggest ever updates.

It has been a troubled ride for Hello Games when it comes to No Man's Sky and some players may remember the post-launch controversy. Struggling to live up to the game's expectations, major retailers were forced to issue refunds to those who were unhappy with what the developer delivered. No Man's Sky has seen a return to form this year and "The Abyss" is hoping to continue the trend.

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Plunging into the monster-filled oceans of alien planets, No Man's Sky "The Abyss" is more than a minor update with a few themed skins. A new exocraft known as the Nautilon helps players explore the underwater update and navigate a strange new world of flora and fauna. Elsewhere, over a dozen building modules have been added to No Man's Sky, including a Marine Shelter to escape the underwater pressure. Importantly, the creatures that lurk beneath have more variety than before, meaning it won't be long before players cross paths with terrifying Angler Fish-inspired monsters.

If all of the above wasn't enough, Hello Games has also included a new story called "The Dreams of the Deep." Promising to add "a dark new narrative" to No Man's Sky, gamers are tasked with saving the crew of a sunken freighter before they are swallowed by the rising tide. Fans can also explore the underwater ruins of "a lost soul trapped deep beneath the waves." As the trailer shows, there is a sense of Bioshock to "The Abyss" as players walk the water-logged corridors of an underwater civilization.

Only last week, Hello Games teased that a horror-themed update was on the way in time for October 31, so some might be a little disappointed that "The Abyss" isn't quite as Halloween-orientated as they might've expected. That being said, a cheap cash-in on Halloween with some pumpkins and witches won't have the longevity of something like "The Abyss."

No Man's Sky "The Abyss" follows in the footsteps of the supersized No Man's Sky NEXT from earlier this year. NEXT upgraded the graphics, overhauled the storyline, and finally introduced the long-awaited hoped of a multiplayer option. "The Abyss" isn't the same in terms of scope, but is still an impressive amount of work to behold. Reportedly adding five times more variety to the title, No Man's Sky "The Abyss" is available as a free update right now and can hopefully lure players into the briny deep for more exploration of this open-world universe.

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