No General Ross in Iron Man 2 or Thor

William Hurt's General Ross character from The Incredible Hulk may not appear in Iron Man 2 or Thor, but what about those other future films by Marvel Studios?

William Hurt, who played Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross in The Incredible Hulk, the man who desperately wanted to hunt down and stop Edward Norton's big green alter, spoke to some media folk for his role in The Yellow Handkerchief yesterday. In the roundtable interview he was asked about the future of his character General Ross for the in-development films at Marvel Studios.

As for appearances in either Iron Man 2 or Thor, he said he wasn't contacted but that if Marvel called him up about it, he'd certainly answer. There's not too much of a surprise here since his character is unnecessary for the story of those two character films, but I'd expect to see him perhaps in some way, shape or form in the future since we know Hulk will be a part of The Avengers.

But what about that buzz-worthy scene in The Incredible Hulk where Tony Stark made a special appearance, referring to The Avengers? If you don't remember this, here's that clip:

After the great success of Iron Man to kick off not only the summer of 2008, but of Marvel Studios' future plans, they wanted desperately to tie that in somehow with their second movie that summer in The Incredible Hulk. For fans, this scene set up the future for which we all now know has become plans of several films leading up to The Avengers - a movie that will bring all of these superheroes together at last.

What was interesting about that scene is that 1) Jon Favreau had absolutely no involvement, and 2) It was made up on the spot. Here's what William Hurt had to say about the Tony Stark cameo:

"We improv’d that.  The entire scene had no lines written down. We did improv for that entire scene. We actually both had more of a script because of that and a feeling of more invention because of that.  So we could actually go, ‘okay, who do I think my character is…what would he say next. I haven’t a clue, let’s have a shot at it."

It's amazing to think they did that themselves based purely on what they know and feel about the characters they portray on screen. I think they nailed it and you wouldn't think it was improv while watching it in theaters.

Ever since this occurrence, rumors have run rampant about what this could mean for the roster of The Avengers and which characters could appear in each others' solo character movies. Would Ed Norton cameo in Iron Man 2 to repay the favor? Did this mean that Hulk would have to be a part of the "team" with Captain America, Thor and Iron Man?

While I thought it was a very likely possibility to see Norton appear in Iron Man 2, confirming his involvement in Marvel's future plans, Jon Favreau revealed a reason for why we wouldn't be seeing him. That reason is that Iron Man 2 was taking place in the timeline before The Incredible Hulk. That's an easy way to rule out why both General Ross and Bruce Banner would have no involvement.

It's easy to assume we won't be seeing them in Thor either but could we see several major cameos in some extra scene in The First Avenger: Captain America? I hope so.

What cameo appearances by your favorite characters would you like to see and what do you expect to see from the next Marvel movies?

Source: Collider

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