'Dexter' Spinoff Won't Happen Without Michael C. Hall

No Dexter Spinoff Without Michael C Hall

Dexter wrapped its final season just last fall, and among fans, the general consensus is that the ending was long over due - and yet the series finale drew record audiences for Showtime. All the more reason for the network to be interested in a Dexter spinoff.

For some time now, both before and after season 8 was confirmed to be Dexter's last, Showtime entertainment president David Nevins has been reluctant to rule out the possibility of the series carrying on in some way. And why wouldn't he be? Dexter is Showtime's most watched and critically acclaimed original series to date - that isn't something you just let go of lightly.

Yesterday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Nevins was approached for an update on the likelihood of a Dexter spinoff. His comments were reminiscent of things he's said in the past, stressing it would only happen if there were "a very good reason" and that it would need to have "a new concept and configuration." More importantly, Nevins made it clear that Showtime wasn't interested in a Dexter spinoff that didn't include Michael C. Hall as the titular serial killer.

Will Michael C Hall Star in Dexter Spinoff?

Said Nevins:

"It would have to involve Michael… If we were to do it, I’d only do it with Michael."

Additionally, Nevins mentioned that they've had "ongoing conversations" about the possibility of a Dexter spinoff, and that he "isn't interested in doing it if it's just a continuation." Rather, he'd "want [the show] to feel different."

Having just dropped the entire series on Netflix, now wouldn't be a bad time to begin planning a Dexter revival of sorts. With Showtime still a premium network and its content not readily available to a wide audience - yes, even in this age of piracy - Dexter will likely see a surge in popularity following its release on the internet streaming  service. This new audience could be useful in spearheading interest in a new program about Dexter Morgan, whether it would be a continuation or a "new concept and configuration."

However, since the series finale wasn't met with universal praise exactly (read our review), waiting and giving fans some time to forget their disappointment could to be a wise move, too. A Dexter spinoff might be better served by holding off a few years until fans are more eager to revisit the twisted mind of their favorite serial killer.

Where do you stand, Screen Rant readers? Is a Dextor spinoff something you'd like to see Showtime explore?


The entire series of Dexter is currently on Netflix streaming. You can also purchase it on Blu-ray and DVD. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more news on a potential spinoff.

Source: TV Line

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