Nintendo Unveils 20 New Indie Games For The Switch

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Nintendo is looking to add more games to Nintendo Switch's existing collection of games with the announcement of a slew of indie titles coming to the console for players to enjoy. Released just earlier this year, the Switch had been teased by the Japanese electronics company as early as last year. Much has been said about its design and functionality.with its ability to be both an in-home gaming device, as well as a grab-and-go type of console. However, fans are still worried that it will also fall into content scarcity trappings that Nintendo consoles usually suffer from.

Coming off the Wii U, which simply never took off the way the company had wanted, Nintendo was looking for a resurgence in the console department with the release of the Switch. Fortunately, despite a few elements that still need to be fine tuned for a better gaming experience, it appears that the console has come through for Nintendo. Based on how the device has been received thus far, the multinational consumer giant has arguably found their new banner product - one that has enough legs to perform in the cut-throat console market.

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Nintendo is capitalizing on this window of opportunity by continuously providing support and new content for Switch. The company's summer “Nindies” showcase further proved that point by announcing countless new indie titles that will soon debut on the 2-in-1 gaming platform in the next several months. Damon Baker, Nintendo of America’s Senior Manager for Publisher & Developer Relations, says that the company is thrilled for the support that they have gotten from indie game-makers, and this is their way of showing their appreciation:

“We love the creativity, passion and amazing response that our independent developer community has already shown for Nintendo Switch.It’s great to see so many different developers creating new, unique experiences that take advantage of the hardware’s features. This is a win for fans, who will have access to an even wider selection of great indie content to take wherever they go.”

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The reveal quickly interested and hyped up fans, which is always a good thing, even with a product already established like Switch. If anything, those who are still skeptical of owning a unit could take this as a plus for the device, prompting them to finally give it a shot. The complete list of indie games confirmed for Switch is below, alongside their respective launch dates:

SteamWorld Dig 2 (September 21st)

Golf Story (September 2017)

Wulver Blade (September 2017)

Yolo and the Celestial Elephants (October 12th)

Earth Atlantis (Fall)

Sausage Sports Club (Fall)

Mom Hid My Game! (Late 2017)

Floor Kids (Holiday 2017)

Poly Bridge (Holiday 2017)

Battle Chef Brigade (Holiday 2017)

Nine Parchments (Holiday 2017)

Morphies Law (Winter)

Dragon: Marked For Death (Winter)

Kentucky Route Zero, TV Edition (Early 2018)

Next Up Hero (Early 2018)

Mulaka (Early 2018)

Shovel Knight: King of Cards (Early 2018)

Light Fingers (Early 2018)

Super Meat Boy Forever (2018)

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again (2018)

It's no secret that Nintendo has had a bad rap in terms of partnering up with game creators and developers. Their consoles usually sport low performing specs, which makes them less enticing for third-party companies and publishers to partner up with them. Thus far and at least in terms of the Nintendo Switch, it seems like the Japanese company is taking a step to the right decision by strengthening their relationships with game-makers - allowing them to regularly add a mix of both A grade and indie games compatible with the device which players can choose from.

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