Nintendo Theme Park Ad Hints At Mario Kart Ride

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An advertisement release followed by a confirmation from Universal Studios Japan reveals that a Mario Kart ride will be one of the many attractions in the planned Super Nintendo World. The upcoming Super Mario themed expansion of the world famous chain of theme parks will treat fans to a designated area where they can immerse themselves in the world of the popular video game series.

Previously surfaced patent documents detail the specifics of what could be the Mario Kart ride with vehicles built to simulate "drifting" capabilities just like how it is in the video game. The ride can accommodate two people who will play in tandem - one rider controls the steering wheel and speed, while the other one controls boosting powers and fending off competitors. Further, another patent for a so-called "boom coaster" shows a vehicle running through the tracks but is attached to a mechanical arm - giving it the ability to "leap" throughout the course of the ride.

The promotional video, which can be seen above, came from the special event organized by Universal Studios Japan to celebrate the official start of construction of Super Nintendo World. Following the release of the video, questions regarding hints of a Mario Kart ride was soon answered with a confirmation from USJ that the signature Super Mario game will be fleshed out via a featured attraction in the park. In addition, the ride is said to use "worlds most advance tech" in its operational mechanism.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Aside from the CGI-rendered advertisement and the confirmation of a Mario Kart ride as its crown jewel, a full press release from Universal Studios Japan has been issued with regard to the upcoming Super Nintendo World. Excerpt from the statement details the various attractions that Super Mario fans would be ale to enjoy once construction of the expansion is finished (h/t and translation via Nintendo Wire):

”SUPER NINTENDO WORLD” is an unparalleled ride and attraction (scheduled to be the world’s first ride utilizing state-of-the-art technology * 2), an interactive area, It is a huge complex area with two layers with shops and restaurants, and the investment amount is expected to be more than 50 billion yen at only one Universal Studios Japan. This “SUPER NINTENDO WORLD” will be built by extending the park area to the parking lot in the park premises now and a part of the future expansion site. Professor Emeritus Katsuhiro Miyamoto of Kansai University estimates that the economic effect created by Universal Studios Japan for 10 years after the opening of “SUPER NINTENDO WORLD” is about 6.2 trillion yen in the Kinki region, about 11.7 trillion yen in the whole country, its employment effect Approx. 108 thousand people * 3. Universal Studios Japan will disseminate the charm of “Nintendo”, a wonderful entertainment brand that Japan is proud of, not only to Japan but to the world."

Among all the video game features from the video game franchise that could be lifted and turn into a theme park ride, A Mario Kart themed one is arguably the most logical choice for Universal Studios. The game is iconic in its own way which will grab the attention of more patrons. It also ticks all the boxes needed for an interesting and fun theme park attraction.

Super Nintendo World is scheduled to open at Universal Studios Japan in 2020. But with themed expansions like this more likely being adapted to other Universal Studios around the world, it is expected that the company will eventually port it to their other amusement park destinations including the ones in Hollywood and Orlando.

Source: Universal Studios and Nintendo Wire

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