Nintendo Switch Finally Getting YouTube App This Week?

The latest reports suggest that the Nintendo Switch is finally getting a long-awaited YouTube app very soon. Considering the next-gen console is approaching its second birthday in 2019, fans have been patiently waiting for Nintendo to improve the Switch's streaming capabilities.

The Switch may offer amazing games like Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but it can seem a little behind the times in other respects. Nintendo is still trailing behind when it comes to streaming services, and as it stands, Switch owners are limited to the likes of Hulu in America and Niconico in Japan.

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According to gamers on ResetEra, suggestions for a YouTube app are appearing on the Nintendo website when searching for games. Importantly, it's also accompanied by the statement, "Coming: Nov 08, 2018." It looks increasingly like that an official YouTube app is just around the corner for the Nintendo Switch. The image could've been faked, but a ResetEra administrator went on to validate the claim.

Nintendo Switch Console

Importantly, a YouTube app is a huge announcement for Nintendo Switch owners who live in the United Kingdom. Up until now, those living in the UK have been restricted to using the Switch almost exclusively as a gaming console. Also, if YouTube is in the pipeline, other streaming apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix could also be on the horizon.

The Switch's impressive software has helped sales at Nintendo, but there's no escaping that the console is yet to reach its full capability of being a media player.  Nintendo and YouTube have a lucrative history with each other and players will remember that both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS had their own apps.

Hulu launched on the Nintendo Switch in November 2017, so the timing couldn't be better to add another streaming service to the console. While Hulu has its benefits, it's hard to compete with the amount of choices that YouTube offers. In January 2018, Netflix downplayed the opportunity of a Switch app and said it was still exploring opportunities.

With YouTube apparently on the way, it's hopefully only a matter of time before the catalog grows and more apps find a new home on the Switch. YouTube is already a staple on most phones and tablets for adults, but with many parents turning to the Switch to keep their children entertained, a YouTube app is a smart move. Gamers often turn to YouTube for video reviews, streams, and tips, so it makes sense for the company to cash in on the Switch's portability for streaming.

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Source: ResetEra

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