The Original Nintendo Switch Model Will Be Getting Upgrades Too

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With news of the Nintendo Switch Lite still fresh in everyone's minds, a recent FCC request from Nintendo indicates that the company will also be making changes to the original Switch model that will likely feature some major upgrades. The Nintendo Switch has been on the market for over two years at this point, and it's processing power - which features a chip that's older than the device itself - has begun to make some fans concerned that it will be a choke point for future game releases.

Instead of addressing those concerns with the announcement of the oft-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, Nintendo swerved everybody with the reveal of the Nintendo Switch Lite, a cheaper model of the Switch that sacrifices some of its functionality without reducing its ability to perform. The Switch Lite doesn't have Joy-Con controllers that detach and can't dock into a station to connect to televisions, but features a slightly more portable model that uses a smaller screen to further improve mobility. Despite essentially functioning as this console's Nintendo 2DS - a model that performed exceptionally poorly for the 3DS family of handheld devices - excitement remains high for the Switch Lite since it has such an appealing entry point for pricing.

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Fans looking for a more powerful version of the main Switch console may not need to wait much longer, however. A recent request Nintendo submitted to the FCC, as reported by The Verge, attempts to modify the existing patent it has for the Switch in a "Class II Permission Change", which basically would allow the company to make changes without having to go through an entire recertification process for sale in the United States. The filing indicates that the new Switch model would be getting major upgrades to both its processor and its flash storage chips, two elements that were on the weaker side in the launch model.

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The Switch is using a four-year-old Nvidia Tegra processor, and Nvidia recently released a new chip in the same family line that could drastically improve the functionality of the device. It's worth nothing, however, that Nintendo also mentioned that the Nintendo Switch Lite would feature a more power-efficient chip layout with battery life that has been "slightly" improved, so it's possible that the new Switch model will simply have the same layout.

That would be a wasted opportunity to help brace the Switch's base model for the future, though, and it's something that Nintendo will have likely strongly considered already. With the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett on the horizon, the ability to make technical upgrades to the Nintendo Switch without releasing an entirely new model would be a major boon for the company as it attempts to compete with games and technology that is growing ever-more impressive in the build-up to the next generation of consoles. Every bit counts, and for a device that isn't expected to be the most powerful, simply being able to compete and run games smoothly in the future will be enough for Nintendo as long as its first-party games remain some of the best in the industry.

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