Nintendo Switch Release Date Potentially Leaked

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The Nintendo Switch looks to be a console like no other. Officially announced in November of last year, the reveal seemed to be Nintendo’s response to both Microsoft and Sony who had already teased upgraded consoles in the form of ‘Project Scorpio’ and the PlayStation Neo. Instead of just pumping out an upgrade to the flailing Wii U, Nintendo instead chose to completely redesign, building a brand new platform from top to bottom.

We already know that the Nintendo Switch will officially be released in March of this year, but no official set date has yet been confirmed. It’s likely that this is something that was set to be revealed on Friday, January 13 when a new Nintendo Direct event takes place, but the date for release may have already been accidentally leaked.

Earlier this week, Gameseek listed the console for a price of £198.50  ($244) and claimed that the Switch would launch on March 17. There had already been rumors the console would be priced around £199 ($245), so the website is likely getting its information from a trustworthy source. Couple that with the already-announced launch for March and this looks like a set-in-stone date.

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With that being said, it could be that Gameseek were simply guessing at an ‘official’ release date on their website to entice people to place a pre-order who might not have done so before knowing this information. The website has now removed the date completely from their site, either to prevent the spread of misinformation or because they received notification from Nintendo to stop stealing their thunder.

With so many rumors flying around, not just in regards to the console’s release date, but as to the titles we should expect with the launch, hidden features we may not yet have been made aware of and much more, the upcoming Nintendo Direct event should shine a lot of light on exactly what we’re facing with the Switch.

Combining a full console experience with a handheld device is something that hasn’t yet been done by a major company. Nintendo will attempt to rectify that in just a couple of months’ time, and knowing that we could be on the cusp of yet another gaming revolution is an extremely exciting prospect. Whether the Switch can live up to that hype, however, remains to be seen.

The Nintendo Switch will be available for purchase in March. Stick with Screen Rant for all the latest news on the console.

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