Nintendo to Heavily Increase Switch Production in 2018

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A new report reveals that Nintendo is planning a significant increase in Switch production for 2018. The Nintendo Switch released in March, and since then has made an impressive name for itself with titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildSplatoon 2, and Super Mario Odyssey. The console has also attracted the attention of third-party studios, receiving ports of Doom (out today) and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (out on November 17).

Upon release, the Switch was incredibly hard to find - Nintendo seemed to have struck gold with their vision of seamless portable-to-TV transitions. Nowadays, although the Switch is much easier to find, there are still occasional bouts of dried-up supply. And truth be told, the question of stock issues tends to hang over Nintendo products, given the continued difficulty of obtaining items like the NES and SNES Classics, as well as amiibos.

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Well, today the Wall Street Journal reports that Nintendo intends to produce 25-30 million Switch units in its next fiscal year, which will commence in April 2018. If the Switch sells well enough over the course of the coming holiday season, production could be ramped up even higher; the plan is still developing and relatively flexible. According to Nintendo, from the Switch's March 3 release date to September 30, the console sold 7.63 million units. Last month, Nintendo predicted that total first-year sales for the Switch would hit close to 17 million units.

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If Nintendo's sales forecasts are accurate, the Switch is about on-track to rival, or exceed, the PS4's sales in its first year — Sony's console sold 18.5 million units in about 13.5 months. The Xbox One, however, lagged behind both debuts: It sold less than 10 million consoles in its first year.

The Switch has found success not only in hardware, but also in software. In a financial results briefing, Nintendo shared that Super Mario: Odyssey sold more than 2 million copies in the three days following its release. Breath of the Wild's sales (of the game's Switch version), meanwhile, have surpassed 4.7 million; and Mario Kart 8 has sold more than 4.4 million copies.

It's good to see Nintendo bouncing back from the commercial failure of the Wii U, a console that had its share of worthwhile games, but fell far short of expectations. However, Nintendo's apparent willingness to increase the availability of Switch consoles makes the supply shortfalls of the NES and SNES Classics particularly confusing. Whether the scarcity is artificial or genuine, there continues to be a disconnect between the supply and demand of many Nintendo offerings. Here's to hoping that alongside the tens of millions of Switches come a few Classics, too.

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Source: Wall Street Journal

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