The Nintendo Switch Has Some Problems

Nintendo has always operated inside its own niche of the platform gaming world. Despite being one of the biggest consoles back in the '80s and the oldest of three major gaming systems, its popularity has waxed and waned over the years. Part of that issue is that the company has always favored a family-friendly and inclusive approach rather than focusing on graphics. While that's seen them fall behind the Xbox and PlayStation at times, the company's sense of innovation and originality has also been a boon. The Wii in particular was praised for its inventive controls and fun games, something the Wii U was equally chastised for lacking.

For the past few years, fans have been eagerly anticipating Nintendo's next console. The reveal of the Nintendo Switch looked to be a combination of the best of the Wii and Wii U, and many fans were eager to get their hands on titles like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Sadly, the rollout for the console hasn't been quite what Nintendo or fans were expecting. The new console dropped last week, and while the sales have been phenomenal, the response has been less than stellar.

The video above from YouTube user Crowbcat is a compilation of customer-submitted videos of the various flaws, issues, and glitches the Nintendo Switch has. At over 12 minutes long, you can see everything from odd audio to dead pixels to controllers that don't work. In our recent review of the system, we had our own issue with the new Joy-Con and can attest to the frustration it causes.

Nintendo Switch Glitch

Meanwhile, Gizmodo has a roundup of a number of users who have found ways to hack the design flaws of the system. These include homemade screen protectors, as the Switch lacks a sturdy glass front, to controller handle alterations for those who find the standard Joy-Cons to be unacceptable. While amusing, they simply add to the overall frustration users are having with the system and won't help the press for the Switch.

For now, however, the issues with the system haven't hampered sales. Yahoo! Finance is reporting that the system has already outsold the Wii's sales in its first two days after release. That's even more impressive considering the Wii launched in the holiday season. Breath of the Wild also broke the sales record for the same time period, beating out Super Mario 64 from 1996. The game has almost as much buzz as the console, with many fans considering buying a Switch just to play the new Zelda platformer.

Despite the impressive sales numbers, the bad press is bound to catch up to Nintendo. Even their game library is packed with problems. 1-2 Switch should have been included with the console, rather than made a separate purchase. And the new Dragon Quest game is too big to even fit on the console's native memory. Considering how much Nintendo had riding on the launch of the Switch, it's amazing just how many flaws and problems it has.

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Source: CrowbcatGizmodoYahoo Finance

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