Nintendo Switch Mini Design Revealed Via Accessory Leak?

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A new Nintendo Switch console has yet to be officially announced, but a gaming accessory website has listed several accessories specifically for a Switch Mini on its website. The website also showcases a potential design for the next version of the Nintendo Switch.

Rumors of new versions of the Nintendo Switch have been swirling for months, but Nintendo has yet to release any concrete info. While Sony has been discussing important features for its upcoming PS5, and Xbox spent part of its E3 conference on announcing the long-rumored Xbox Scarlett, Nintendo won E3 by focusing on an impressive lineup of games that are coming out this year. With the next generation of consoles on the horizon, fans have eagerly been awaiting any new information on what’s next for the Nintendo Switch. Thanks to an accessory website, that future looks a little clearer.

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Chinese accessory maker HonSon has listed almost a dozen items on its website that have a Switch Mini tag. Some of those items include images with a mockup design for what the new system could look like, which is reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch in portable mode. While this doesn’t officially confirm the console’s design, it does further substantiate the rumor of a cheaper, portable-only model of the Switch coming soon. Check out image of the possible Switch Mini design below.

Nintendo Switch Mini Possible Design

Back in March, it was reported that two new versions of the Nintendo Switch could be released as early as this summer. One version would cost less and presumably have less features than the original Switch, such as a lack of detachable joy-cons or the ability to be docked. The other version would have a higher price point, but could include features that the current Nintendo Switch lacks. It’s safe to assume that a more expensive Switch would pack enough power to handle games like the recently announced port of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.

While this doesn’t confirm a Nintendo Switch Mini release or a final design choice, it’s a good sign that this information could be coming soon. In order for HonSon to make these accessories, one would have to think that they’ve been sent specifications for Nintendo’s rumored console. The back half of 2019 is going to be busy, with almost 30 games on the docket, so don’t be surprised if Nintendo takes a breath and waits until 2020 to debut a new line of consoles. However, Nintendo does things to the beat of their own drum, and they have a knack for surprising fans in the best ways.

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Source: Nintendo Life

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