• The Nintendo Switch still has one major issue. 1 / 8

  • According to a new report from Kotaku that compiles user feedback on Joy-Cons... 2 / 8

  • ...the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift problem is still very real. 3 / 8

    Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Purple Orange Vertical
  • Joy-Con drift is when the controller's analog stick registers phantom movements even when it's not being touched. 4 / 8

    Nintendo Switch - Vertical
  • There are major concerns that the Switch Lite, which doesn't allow for detachable Joy-Cons... 5 / 8

  • ...will suffer the same issue, meaning users will have to return their entire console rather than just a controller. 6 / 8

  • Nintendo needs to address this problem, which has existed for two years without a fix. 7 / 8

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