Switch Joy-Con Drift is Still A Major Problem And It's Getting Worse

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Problem

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift problem that has existed since the console's inception is still plaguing users, with many reporting that there are more cases of it as hardware gets older. The Nintendo Switch is 2019's best-selling console thus far and will be releasing two new models in the Switch Lite and an improved base model, the latter of which will still use detachable Joy-Con controllers.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift has been the bane of many users' existence since the console released in 2017. For those unfamiliar, Joy-Con drift is a sensitivity issue within the controllers that causes the console to think a joystick is moving even if the player isn't touching it. It's a relatively minor nuisance for most players, but it's a persistent one with a large number of occurrences that has yet to be addressed by Nintendo despite the device being on store shelves for over two years at this point.

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According to a recent report from Kotaku, it appears the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift problem isn't just still there - it's getting worse, according to a number of different users who have taken to social media and Reddit to share their experiences with the issue. A thread regarding the issue on the Nintendo Switch subreddit garnered over 27,000 upvotes, and was instigated by a player who began experiencing Joy-Con drift within four months of purchasing their console. The top comment is from a user who claims to have 8 Joy-Cons and only 2 that don't experience the issue; several others also share their problems with the hardware, which appears to break down as it gets used, with some suggesting they had perfectly functional Joy-Cons for over a year before the drift problem began to surface.

Nintendo Switch- Using Joy-Cons without Grip

The frustrating thing about the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift problem is that it's not remotely new, and fans have complained about it thousands of times over the past two years with no indication of a fix in sight. It's not like newer versions of the Joy-Con have solved this issue, either - new users still have a random chance of getting a Joy-Con that drifts. Nintendo's unwillingness to not only address the issue but actually solve it is telling, and suggests that there might not be an easy solution to what appears to be a hardware issue.

That's unfortunate, because the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift problem is really the only major knock against the console that still exists. With the Switch Lite and a new base model offering different modes of functionality for users, Nintendo is set to make a pretty penny heading into this year's holiday season. But if the Switch Lite, which doesn't allow users to detach Joy-Cons from its casing, ends up suffering from the same issue - and thus forces recalls of entire systems rather than controllers - the Joy-Con drift problem could become the big story of late 2019 and early 2020, something that Nintendo should make sure it avoids by solving the problem ahead of time rather than just dodging discussion of it altogether.

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Source: Reddit (via Kotaku)

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