Here's All The Switch Indie Games Revealed By Nintendo's Spring Showcase

Nintendo just dropped several bombshell announcements into its customary Nindies Showcase. The Spring 2019 edition of the popular livestream presentation included the revelation that Cuphead would be arriving on Switch, while Nintendo capped the showcase with the unveiling of an indie Legend of Zelda title being developed by the studio behind Crypt of the Necromancer.

The presentation is yet another indication that the Nintendo Switch is quickly becoming a favorite for indie developers, as studios continue to flock to the allure of a device so well-suited to smaller titles. The Switch's portability has made it a great home for shorter games, as players can simply take them on the go with them during travel. Since many indie games tend to end up shorter than their AAA counterparts, it makes sense that developers would consider the Switch suitable for their needs. Steve Singer, Nintendo of America's Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations, indicated in a press release today that he believes the Switch will continue to attract indie devs:

"Top indie developers look to Nintendo Switch to showcase their games to a broad audience. The diversity of indie content we discussed today demonstrates how Nintendo Switch players can find quality indie games of nearly any type."

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Outside of the headliners, though, there were a number of other intriguing additions to the Switch's 2019 indie lineup. Instead of letting them get lost in the shuffle, we've compiled a brief list showcasing each game, alongside a bit of info on each, in the hopes that fans find an indie game that will be a perfect fit for them in 2019.

All Nintendo Switch Indie Titles Announced During Nindies Spring 2019

  • Cadence of Hyrule - Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring the Legend of Zelda - By far the biggest announcement of the lineup, Cadence of Hyrule will be a partnership between Nintendo and Brace Yourself Games that sees Link and Princess Zelda explore a new version of Hyrule based on Necrodancer. It's scheduled to launch this spring.
  • Cuphead - One of the indie darlings of 2017, Cuphead is a run-and-gun action title inspired by early 1900s cartoons. It's also been extremely successful commercially, and will release on the Switch on April 18, 2019.
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game - A retro-inspired adventure game from studio BonusXP that will task players with solving puzzles around Hawkins, featuring a co-op mode and twelve different playable characters from the series. Launches on July 4, the same day the third season of Stranger Things debuts on Netflix.
  • Red Lantern - A game based around a character who wants to participate in an Alaskan sled dog race, but finds themselves sidetracked and forced to survive the harsh tundra with their team of dogs. Developed by Timberline Studios, Inc., and coming at an unannounced date later this year.
  • RAD - A partnership between Double Fine Productions and Bandai Namco Entertainment that will see a new 3D action rogue-like set in a post-post-apocalyptic world arrive on the Switch. The game will follow a teenage protagonist who can use radioactive toxins to mutate new abilities. RAD will arrive on Nintendo Switch this summer.
  • Katana ZERO - Devolver Digital is bringing its neo-noir action-platformer to the Nintendo Switch. Players will take on the role of the assassin Dragon to cut their way through beautiful environments. Katana ZERO launches on Switch on April 18, 2019.
  • Nuclear Throne - Launching today, developer Vlambeer's post-apocalyptic roguelike bullet hell game is another riff on the genre first popularized by Enter the Gungeon.
  • Super Crate Box - Another game from Vlambeer, an arcade-style game that will include two-player co-op modes and competitive multiplayer. Launches sometime in April.
  • Vlambeer Arcade with ULTRABUGS - Yet another title released by Vlambeer, Vlambeer Arcade is a collection of small games that will grow larger as time goes on. The first is ULTRABUGS, a Space Invaders-style game that's high score-centric and features space combat and ship customization. This game will launch at an unspecified time in 2019.
  • My Friend Pedro - Devolver Digital and Deadtoast team up to produce a game about a man obliterating things "at the behest of a sentient banana." Players will apparently have a lot of control over both their weapons and body, including the ability to aim separately with both hands. The game will launch exclusively for the Switch in June.
  • Creature in the Well - Flight School Studio brings a top-down, pinball-inspired hack-and-slash dungeon crawler to Nintendo's console. The game takes inspiration from other titles like Legend of Zelda as well, and will launch on the Switch sometime this summer.
  • Blaster Master Zero 2 - Set just months after the events of Blaster Master Zero, Jason and Eve must stop a mutant infection slowly corrupting Eve's body. The game launches on Switch today.
  • Pine - An open-world adventure with biomes to explore, puzzles to solve, and a number of different secrets for players to uncover. The story of the game centers around Hue, a member of the last tribe of humans on the island, and will allow players to search for a new home while influencing the game's ecology. Pine will launch on Switch in August.
  • Bloodroots - Developer Paper Cult delivers a fast-paced, frenetic adventure following Mr. Wolf, a man who can create bloody combos with everything around him ranging from hatchets to ladders to carrots. The game launches on Switch this summer.
  • Overland - A turn-based survival game that asks players to take care of a group of travelers on a post-apocalyptic road trip across the United States. Overland is described as having "consequences for every action" and will launch on Switch this fall.
  • Darkwood - A survival horror game set in East-Central Europe, where players need to navigate through a forest possessed by evil forces that corrupt all who inhabit it. Players can acquire new powers by injecting the essence of mutated flora and fauna into their bloodstream. Darkwood launches on Switch in May 2019.
  • Neo Cab Neo Cab follows the last human driver in a world where nearly everyone has become automated to some degree. Players need to balance their income, manage their emotions, sustain a positive rideshare driver rating, and attempt to reunite with their missing friend Savy. Neo Cab launches on Switch this summer.
  • Swimsanity!- Developer Decoy Games brings multiplayer shooter action underwater with Swimsanity!, a game that will feature 150 challenges across eight different game modes, including co-op and versus features. The game will allow players to compete locally and online, and will launch on Switch this summer.
Cadence of Hyrule Gameplay

To celebrate these announcements, Nintendo also announced that it is now offering a week-long sale on select indie games on the eShop that sees some items discounted as much as 30%. The sale includes games like Firewatch and Yoku's Island Express, so there are a number of appealing choices involved.

Any way you slice it, Nintendo has a lot to offer the indie genre in 2019. With so many diverse games to choose from, the claim that the Switch might be the best indie gaming machine available today might not be so outlandish, and Nintendo is looking to keep those accolades coming as the company heads into 2019 with an intricately-planned indie lineup buoying it.

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