This Nintendo Switch Dock is Cheaper And Better Than Official One

Nintendo Switch

A new dock for the Nintendo Switch is better than the real thing. The new system has been a huge success for Nintendo in its early days, selling out everywhere for months and boasting one of the most universally acclaimed games of all time in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  The last few months have promised some great looking new games like Mario Odyssey and even a tease of a long awaited new Metroid title, and while Nintendo has consistently updated the Switch's software since release, some of the hardware issues are still troublesome.

One of the most frequent hardware issues has been users' frustration with the Switch dock, which is not only a somewhat awkward physical object that can limit functionality, but has also resulted in screen scratching if it's even a little bit warped.

Third party developer Nyko has announced an elegant solution to the dock issues: a portable docking system.

Nintendo Switch Dock

"Enable TV mode on the go with Nyko's Portable Docking Kit for Nintendo Switch™. Portable Docking Kit allows you to connect your Nintendo Switch™ to any HDMI TV without needing to bring your dock with you. Its compact design allows it to fit in most travel bags and the built-in portable stand keeps the Nintendo Switch upright when outputting the TV. Portable Docking Kit is powered by the included Type-C™ AC adapter and will keep the Nintendo Switch charge while playing."

Available this autumn, the docking kit is incredibly compact, essentially the size of a drink coaster that rests underneath the Switch. Perhaps most surprising of all, the Nyko dock is said to retail for just $44.99, which is roughly half of what Nintendo will charge you for a spare version of its hulking dock.

While the Switch has been well received and is still incredibly hard to find, it's tough to gauge how much of that reception has to be credited solely to Breath of the Wild. Instances like this, where a third party company is producing something it seems should have been a no-brainer for Nintendo to make itself, raises some legitimate questions about Nintendo's in house vision for the Switch. On the other hand, it's difficult to be mad when third party developers are buying into the Switch's potential in such creative ways, and at price points it's hard to imagine Nintendo ever embracing.

Source: Nyko

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