Nintendo Game Super Mario Run Announced for iPhone

Super Mario Run coming to iPad and iPhone

Since its debut in 1985, Super Mario Bros has long been a family favorite. The wildly popular game has been through dozens of incarnations, across a wide variety of Nintendo systems, even making it to onto some android phones – although not in an official capacity. However, thus far, the prolific game company hasn't developed many games for the smartphone market.

That’s all about to change, as Nintendo announced that Mario’s latest adventure, Super Mario Run, is coming to iPhone 7.

Speaking at the Apple event today, Super Mario Bros' original designer Shigeru Miyamoto revealed Run for the brand new iPhone 7. The legendary gamesmith claimed the name of this mobile game is simplicity. Apparently, Mario will automatically run to the right, making one-handed gaming a breeze. All players will have to do is tap the screen to make Mario hop over obstacles and enemies – the harder they tap, the higher Mario jumps. Miyamoto also announced that Super Mario Run will include several modes, including one where players collect coins and hit a goal, an acrobatic multiplayer obstacle course, and a mode where players create their own Mushroom Kingdom based on their successes in the game.

You can check out official screenshots from Super Mario Run below, followed by a recording of Miyamoto's presentation (via IGN):

Super Mario Run for iPad & iPhone - Screenshot

Super Mario Run for iPad & iPhone - Screenshot

Nintendo also said their first smartphone Mario is a full platform action game designed for a mobile environment. The game was created by Miyamoto and was developed in concert with DeNA. Upon release Super Mario Run will be available in nine  languages and across more than 100 countries. Designer Miyamoto said early today:

“We have created Super Mario Run to be perfect for playing on your iPhone. Super Mario has evolved whenever he has encountered a new platform, and for the first time ever, players will be able to enjoy a full-fledged Super Mario game with just one hand, giving them the freedom to play while riding the subway or my favorite, eating a hamburger.”

So far, no price has been set on Super Mario Run. Players will be able to download a limited free version, before having to purchase the game for access to the full spread of activities. On the other hand, the game won't set up with required in-app purchases or add-ons. Nintendo is also set to release a new set of iMessage Mario Bros stickers along with iOS 10.

Here's the full 6 minute gameplay demo for #SuperMarioRun on iOS with Shigeru Miyamoto! #AppleEvent

— IGN (@IGN) September 7, 2016


With so many games available from numerous different mobile developers, Nintendo has a lot of competition among iPhone users. At the same time, as Apple CEO Tim Cook remarked, the App Store "hasn’t been complete without Mario."  Cook also said he was thrilled to welcome Mario to iOS. There has certainly been a Mario-sized hole missing from many mobile gamers' hearts. If Mario continues the game company's phone-based success, Nintendo plans on releasing two more mobile games, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem, by March of 2017.

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how well the game play, typically based on a console or hand-held device with buttons, converts to a mobile platform. Super Mario Run's success will also depend upon how adaptive and interactive its multiplayer modes are, as well as how successful the overall game play is. Most intriguing, will fans really be able to navigate  the complex world of Super Mario Brothers while eating a burger on the subway? And will they really want to risk greasing up their new iPhones?

Super Mario Run comes to iPhone in December of 2016.

Source: Apple Insider, IGN, Nintendo

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