Late Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata Gets Loving Comic Tribute on His Birthday

Satoru Iwata With Nintendo 3DS

Although Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata passed away in 2015, he left an incredible legacy at the company. From his early days helping to develop iconic franchises such as Kirby and Earthbound through to his years overseeing the launch of the Nintendo DS, 3DS, and the Wii, the CEO pushed change at the company through the development of innovative products.

Unfortunately, the years leading up to his death were not quite as successful for the company, with the Wii U not reaching sales expectations, but Iwata's hand in the creation of the Nintendo Switch cannot be understated. As is stands, the console has returned Nintendo to the top table of gaming, with tremendous sales and a great reception from video game aficionados.

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Iwata was not able to see the success of the Nintendo Switch himself, but at the very least he's kept in the memory of Nintendo fans. To mark the Nintendo CEO's birthday of December 6, the artists over at Wooden Plank Studios have created a loving comic tribute to Iwata, sharing a heartfelt message for the Nintendo man as well as detailing some of his triumphs over the years.

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Some of Iwata's work was truly understated. Although his biggest legacy may be massive successes such as the Wii, some of the hands-on work he did in game development has resulted in some of the greatest moments in video game history, with Iwata playing a part in everything from Pokemon Gold and Silver through to the creation of Super Smash Bros. Meanwhile, his work on Nintendo Direct presentations, and his own personal brand of quirky humor, helped set the company apart from the competition once more.

Unsurprisingly given how well loved Iwata was within the gaming community, this is far from the only tribute that the Nintendo CEO has received. In the year after his passing, Iwata was not only given a posthumous honor at the 2016 DICE Awards, but also received a tribute at the Game Developer's Choice Awards.

For Iwata, however, the most important thing will have been the fact that the Nintendo Switch has been such a standout success, both from a commercial perspective and when it comes to the sheer level of joy that the console is giving to gamers around the globe. Iwata's goal was always to bring great games to the world, and as this tribute comic showed, he was able to do exactly that.

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Source: Wooden Plank Studios

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