Nintendo Pulls Adult Game From eShop Because Of Lazy Censorship

The Japanese eShop for the Nintendo Switch has had a game called Super Real Mahjong PV pulled from its store due to how its censorship wasn't effective enough to cover up the game's explicit content.

Super Real Mahjong PV was originally released for the Sega Saturn and is part of a much larger series that has been released across numerous different systems. The premise of the game (and many others like it) involves combining competitive Mahjong with strip poker, as winning multiple matches causes your opponent to start shedding their clothes. In the case of Super Real Mahjong PV, it refers to cartoon girls who were shown undressing in animated cutscenes.

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A port of Super Real Mahjong PV was released for the Nintendo Switch in 2019 that added censorship in the form of beams of light that covered anything explicit that appeared in the game. It appears that the beams of light weren't covering enough, as Super Real Mahjong PV has been pulled from the Nintendo eShop in Japan. According to Siliconera, publisher Mighty Craft issued a statement saying that the game was pulled due to insufficient censorship. Mighty Craft has said that a patch is being worked on for Super Real Mahjong PV that will revise the game in order to bring it in line with the standards laid out by Nintendo.

The beams of light in the game were reportedly more of an annoyance than a preventative measure, as they didn't cover enough, allowing players to still see some of the game's more lewd elements. That's obviously an issue for Nintendo, and why the game will be reworked to provide better censorship that falls more closely in line with the standards of the Nintendo eShop, which is still predominately family friendly.

The Nintendo Switch has avoided the Wii U's major issue of a lack of games by opening the floodgates and allowing numerous ports onto the eShop. It's great that so many games are available on the Nintendo Switch, especially when you consider that the system is only two years old, but the eShop runs the risk of some controversy now that Nintendo has switched up its approach. While this is likely a one-off incident that will see Nintendo begin policing its online offerings a little more tightly, it's worth noting since the company typically has such a strong screening policy in the first place.

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Source: Siliconera

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