Nintendo NX Rumors: Wii U Remasters, More Powerful Than PS4

New Nintendo NX rumors suggest that there will be a number of Wii U remastered released on the new console that will be more powerful than the PS4.

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Hopefully it won’t take as long for Nintendo to reveal the secrets of the games company’s next console as it has for all the tricks of NES’ Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out to be discovered. So far all fans have to go on about the Nintendo NX is a sea of rumors and some imaginative yet fake controllers.

It’s widely predicted that the NX could bring the big N back from the brink of irrelevance - or it could finish it off, forcing them to finally give up on the hardware game altogether. Recently there was speculation that more attention is being given to the technical aspects to whatever the NX is as well as its ability to communicate with smartphone devices (unsurprising given Miitomo’s success). Now, the latest rumors suggest what kind of software Nintendo is planning, which apparently includes a number of Wii U remasters or ports.

The information comes via NeoGAF user 10K and it was backed by Emily Rogers, a longtime Nintendo blogger who has often been cited as well informed insider. Her social media account was recently reactivated after a brief hiatus, although her posts are now protected. According to a Nintendo Life report, she states that a number of Wii U ports are in development. These include the latest Zelda, Smash Bros, Super Mario Maker and Splatoon that could all receive NX versions. Rogers puts forward that even though these titles are considered in development it does not mean that they will see the light of day although according to the people she spoke to, Zelda and Smash Bros are almost certainties.

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Most already expect the next Legend of Zelda game to release on NX, potentially alongside the Wii U version, just like Twilight Princess did on Wii and GameCube. Smash Bros. makes sense, as a new version that comes with all the DLC bundled in would surely sell well on a new console and hold fans over until the next full title in the series. Nintendo isn't exactly new to ports or remasters, after all; the Wii U’s modest library includes two HD remasters of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. Nintendo might be better served in cracking Wii U backward compatibility as oppose to porting everything over.

Another rumor that is starting to gain momentum is one regarding the NX’s technical prowess. Apparently it will be more powerful than the PS4 by a considerable amount. It’s about time Nintendo beefed up their systems although same may argue it’s too little too late. Should Nintendo really be praised for taking so long to create a machine that can match technology that is a few years old now? What happens when the PS4.5 is revealed? Will Nintendo be left in Sony’s dust yet again?

There’s also a suggestion that the handheld element of the console is still a complete mystery, even to developers. Apparently those that have dev kits still don’t know anything about it. That could be a major problem if Nintendo wants to finally get third party development on board. The lack of that kind of support arguably contributed to the demise of Nintendo’s last two consoles. It will take the mother of all Nintendo Directs for the company to announce everything, good job E3 isn't too far away now.

Source: NeoGAF (via NintendoLife)

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