Are All the Leaked Nintendo NX Images Entirely Fake?

The Nintendo NX platform has been shrouded in secrecy since it was first mentioned a year ago. Rumors and speculation have been rampant, usually based on third-party reports and patents that may or may not be related to the system.

Recently, a couple of leaks appeared to show pictures of NX controller prototypes. Reactions to what the pictures showed were mixed, as fans struggled to figure out why Nintendo would design a controller that appeared so difficult to hold and use. This discussion may have been for naught, however, as a video posted yesterday revealed the first image to be a fake.

French game developer David Im revealed he was the creator of the original NX controller image and the video that outed it as a fake. Speaking to Business Insider, Im discussed how he made the controller image and the tools he used to create the "leaked" picture:

"A few days ago, I started the first sketches (based on the filed Nintendo patent mentioned in numerous articles). I added some modifications, then started modeling using 3D Studio Max 2016 with the 'Vray' rendering engine. Once the 3D rendering was done I made the first montage (using Photoshop) with the 3D model. I reduced the image’s quality on purpose to make it harder to see that it was a 3D model, I taught myself how how to spot alter images, then I made the final pass to make sure everything was ok. Then [I] released the beast onto Reddit and sent an email to Dual Pixels (posing as an insider). I didn’t think for a second that the information would be passed along."

When asked why he made the image, he explained that he had made the image "for laughs," but hadn't thought that they would become so popular. He also said that he wanted to "prove that anyone can make these images."

David Im Codename NX Nintendo controller mockup rendering
David Im has other versions of his Nintendo NX controller design in his DeviantArt portfolio as well.

While Im admits to creating the first image, he denies having anything to do with the subsequent Nintendo NX controller images that have popped up online. He is certain they are fake as well, though, due to the similarities to his design. (Note that the quote was translated from French to English.)

"I am not the author of the fake second [image] (photo display off). It's tracing my model (based on my image) as he/she takes the same (end of sellotape next to the display) all matches."

Essentially, the details match Im's work too closely to be anything other than another well-rendered fake copying his design. This may indicate that the creator of those images wanted to lend credence to the original "leak" or was trying to show fans what the controller might look like in a more finished state. The creator of those images hasn't come forward yet, though.

With the first image (and almost certainly the second) proven to be fakes, this puts fans back at square one when it comes to figuring out what form the NX might take. It's possible that it will feature a controller with some similarity to Im's design, but even if it does it will probably differ from it in several ways. In all honesty, Im's design was too close to the sketch in the supposed NX patent. The patent was intended to show functionality, not design, so even if that patent is used in the NX controller the final form could be significantly different.

Fortunately for fans, we're getting closer to the release of official information about the NX. Nintendo promised to unveil information about the console this year, and may do so at or around the time of this year's E3 in June. Of course, even then we may not see the NX in stores until next year.

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The existence of the Nintendo NX platform has been confirmed by Nintendo, but no other official information is available. A full reveal is expected later this year, at which time a release date will likely be announced.

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