Nintendo Is Making Yet Another Pokemon Mobile Game


Nintendo posted a job opening that suggests the company is working on another Pokemon mobile game. This job listing follows the wide global success of Pokemon Go, a mobile game that became so popular when it released in 2016 that it had people all over the world leaving their homes and wandering into their neighborhoods in search of creatures, sometimes causing stampedes in local parks. It was of the biggest mobile apps in the world at the time and even became more popular than the Tinder dating app.

The general idea behind Pokemon Go is the same as most other Pokemon games, which means that each player is a trainer who needs to search the world for creatures called Pokemon, catch them and then train them to do battle with other Pokemon. Pokemon Go, though, literally took the gameplay to the real world by adding an augmented reality component to the title. Players loved it, and it brought a sense of community to Pokemon fans, with many still gathering for community days (and sharing treats with other fans) every month. Two years later, trainers are still catching Pokemon in their neighborhoods and are battling their friends in the recently added PvP battle feature of the game.

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It seems that Nintendo plans on capitalizing on the success of Pokemon Go by creating a new Pokemon mobile game. Nintendo posted a job listing on for a Principle Game Designer:

"The Principal Game Designer will work within a team of designers, engineers, artists, producers, and tester to create an upcoming mobile game. We are looking for a creative individual that not only understands the secret sauce to fun games but also can communicate that vision to others. This candidate will spend a lot of time coordinating with both Studio leadership and individual contributors and must have fantastic people skills."

Pokemon Go Community Day

Although the listing gives little information on the kind of game Nintendo has in development, it does mention that the job is for a position in Bellevue, Washington, meaning this is a game that Nintendo is working on in-house. Pokemon fans are already trying to speculate what this game is about, although there's a possibility that it's not a mobile game at all, but a companion app for an upcoming Pokemon RPG game that will release this year for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo still hasn't released many details about that title either, but the company has promised that it's a game that Pokemon fans have waited for their entire lives.

It doesn't matter what this particular game this job listing is for, though: the Pokemon franchise is a huge one for Nintendo, who is still raking in big dollars from Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu, which set sales records for the Nintendo Switch. The company has proven that fans will gobble up anything related to Pokemon and that the 23-year-old franchise is not only alive and well, but also highly regarded by fans.

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