Nintendo Will Release More NES Classics in 2018

Nintendo NES Classic Mini

Nintendo has announced that it will be producing more NES Classic units to release next summer. The famed video game company ignited nostalgia in millions of its longtime consumers by releasing the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition in November 2016. It was a miniaturized version of the original system that released in the mid-'80s, albeit upgraded to modern standards. Despite being smaller than the original console, the Classic Edition featured HDMI display output for full-HD play as well as allowing for connectivity with the Wii Remote (for Virtual Console titles), in addition to sporting a replica NES controller.

Rather than charging an exorbitant amount for the console re-release, Nintendo sold the NES Classic for $59.99 in the United States, the same price as a brand new game -- a fair trade. However, the original console's popularity with veteran gamers, as well as its inexpensive entry price, enticed many people to jump onboard once it started hitting shelves. Unfortunately for many, the Classic Edition's limited stock meant that many went home empty handed - and among those who managed to score the new system, many attempted to resell them online for thousands of dollars. Well, those who couldn't score one of the systems last year (or earlier this year) may have another chance, come 2018.

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Nintendo has announced (via Kotaku) that it will be bringing back the NES Classic in the summer of 2018, after initially discontinuing production around the world in April earlier this year. Furthermore, in order to meet demand, they will also be shipping the upcoming SNES Classic well into 2018, rather than discontinuing production at the end of the year as originally planned.

Mini NES Classic Box

The announcement was originally made for North America, but Nintendo has since made a similar announcement for Europe. It's unclear, however, how many more units they plan on making, nor if they will have pre-orders this time around. That said, people probably shouldn't expect to see more games join the current 30-game lineup that Nintendo has made available for the Classic Edition (which includes titles such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda).

The news of the NES Classic returning to shelves next summer comes on the heels of the famed Japanese manufacturer failing to meet consumer demand for the Switch throughout the world, especially in its home country. Supply issues have plagued Nintendo since they launched the acclaimed system earlier this year and it's something that's apparently getting worse as time goes on. Unfortunately, meeting demand is something that Nintendo has always struggled with, which is why they are now making more units of the NES Classic. Hopefully, the same issues don't arise for the SNES Classic, which hits shelves later this month.

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Source: Nintendo (via Kotaku)

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