15 Biggest Takeaways From Nintendo's E3 Conference

Nintendo hasn't had the best track record with E3 events over the past few years. Their 2015 event lacked any interesting new content, except for some entertaining puppet segments. Nintendo's 2016 event was also lacking, as they only had The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to show.

This is because Nintendo wants to promote games in their own way. The Nintendo Directs that are released throughout the year act as their main promotional outlet, and these give them the chance to advertise games without having the compete for print space with their competitors.

This year's E3 event is different. Nintendo now has a new console to promote. The Nintendo Switch has had an amazing first few months, and they need to keep up their momentum. This year's E3 may be what convinces a lot of gamers to finally buy a Switch and become part of Nintendo's latest generation of games.

So, did Nintendo pull it off? Here are the the 15 Biggest Takeaways From Nintendo's E3 Conference!

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Rocket League
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15 Rocket League Is Coming To The Switch

Rocket League

The Nintendo Switch has proven itself to be the chosen indie game-playing machine of many fans. This is due to the fact that most indie games don't require high specs and are easy to port over. The fact that the Switch is both a home console and a portable system has led to fans asking for certain games to switch over.

There was one game that was being asked for far more than any other, and Nintendo have finally answered those requests. Yes, Rocket League is coming to the Nintendo Switch during the holiday season.

Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch was one of the first games shown during the Nintendo Spotlight. This version of the game will feature Nintendo exclusive items, such as Mario hats for the cars. The developers have promised that more exclusives will be announced closer to release.

So the dream has come true. Soon, Rocket League will become even more of a fixture at competitive gaming events. The Nintendo Switch finally has the indie game that everyone has been begging for.

14 Metroid Prime 4 Was Finally Announced

By far the biggest announcement of the Nintendo Spotlight--and possibly the 2017 E3 event itself-- was for Metroid Prime 4. This has been one of the most requested Nintendo games for years now, and it's finally happening. Spread the word, Samus Aran is coming back.

Metroid Prime 4 had no details in its announcement except for its name. We don't know who the developer is, what the story is about, or even a tentative release date. All we got was a basic title screen.

The desire for more Metroid games has made this irrelevant, however, as the confirmation that this game is coming will be the impetus for many Nintendo Switch purchases over the next year. Gamers will be happier about buying a console if they know that a killer game is coming further down the road. Metroid Prime 4 is the announcement that fans have been waiting a long time for, and the Switch seems primed to deliver it.

13 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Is Coming This Year

One of the initial games that was shown during the Nintendo Switch Premiere was Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This is a sequel to the awesome Wii game, which found a new audience when its protagonist, Shulk, appeared in the new Super Smash Bros. game.

We have now seen a lot more of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which promises to be just as epic in scope as its predecessors. It seems like the Monado sword isn't going to be the only powerful blade on the block anymore, as everyone now has their own fancy magical weapon.

The biggest surprise of the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 trailer is that the release date is unchanged. When the game was first announced during the Switch Premiere, it was given a release date of 2017. Most fans and news outlets disregarded this date, as the game still looked to be at an early point in development. However, the trailer that was shown at E3 seemed to be in a much more polished state, so we may actually be seeing this game before the end of 2017.

12 A New Kirby Game Is Coming

Kirby Mass Attack

Nintendo has always been fond of releasing new Kirby games. One reason may be that they are so similar in content and so short in length that they are easy to produce. The Nintendo Switch will be the next system to receive a Kirby game, as one was revealed to be coming out in 2018.

The trailer for the new Kirby game looked somewhat similar to the others in the series. It seems that gamers will never tire of fighting that tree boss at the end of the first level. The biggest change to the game seems to be a new four-player co-op mode, which will be easy to implement with two sets of Joy-Cons.

This is not a totally new feature, though, as some of the previous Kirby games also had four-player battle modes. The Switch's portable nature, and the fact that it can seamlessly sync new controllers, will make this a lot easier to pull off.

11 A True Pokémon Game Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch (Eventually)

Pokemon Quiz Pikachu

The initial Nintendo Switch presentation in January promised a lot and showed very little. Goichi Suda and the representative from Sega showed up with very little to showcase. Two of the biggest announcements of the Spotlight had this same vibe. The first was for Metroid Prime 4 and the second was for a new Pokémon game on the Switch.

Fans were not expecting any new Pokémon announcements, as Nintendo recently held a Pokémon DirectIt was felt that all of the new Pokémon games had already been revealed, so many fans were surprised when Tsunekazu Ishihara appeared during the Spotlight and revealed that a new mainline Pokémon game was coming to the Nintendo Switch.

There was nothing revealed about this game, except for that it would take "longer than a year" to be released. This is still a monumental announcement, even with the lack of details.

10 Yoshi Is Coming To The Switch

Yoshi on Nintendo Switch

The video game producers at Nintendo have a deep and abiding love for Yoshi. He has starred in numerous games, which have usually involved a childlike aesthetic. Nintendo unveiled a new Yoshi app for the Nintendo Switch that is due to be released in 2018, which is called... Yoshi.

Yoshi is a 2D platformer that is set in a 3D world. This allows Yoshi to interact with the environment that appears in the background. It resembles the world seen in the Donkey Kong Returns games. The world of Yoshi is made of cardboard and retains the childlike visuals of its predecessors.

The question a lot of Nintendo fans will have to ask themselves is: do I want to play another Yoshi game? Nintendo has released two other Yoshi platform games over the past few years. This new one on the Nintendo Switch seems to be going in a different direction, though it may not be enough to make people buy another Yoshi platformer.

9 Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors Logo

Fire Emblem Warriors has been announced for a while, though we have mostly only seen a few screenshots from Japanese gaming magazines. The Spotlight finally showed us some gameplay footage, which included the two protagonists of the game, Shion and Liana, as they fought alongside characters from the newer Fire Emblem games, such as Chrom and the female version of Corrin.

The vast majority of the characters revealed so far are from the 3DS games, with the exception of Marth, who appeared in the first Fire Emblem title.

The question about this game is whether it can attract the same audience as Hyrule WarriorsThe Legend of Zelda series has a massive fan base, while the Fire Emblem games have only recently found success in the West during the Nintendo 3DS era. Fire Emblem as a franchise is arguably more suitable for a Musou game than Zelda is, but it may not have the star power to sell copies.

Fire Emblem Warriors is due for release this fall.

8 The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Will Have Character DLC

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the first killer app for the Nintendo Switch. The attach rate for this game to the console was staggering, and it seemed as if many people bought a Switch just for Breath of the Wild.

Link is not done selling games yet. Breath of the Wild has a Season Pass, which offered barely any new content at launch. The first major glut of content is due at the end of June, where a few new modes, items, and outfits will be added into the game.

Nintendo offered us an intriguing look into the second DLC pack for the game, which is due to be released at the end of the year. This pack is called Champion's Ballad, and the trailer focused on Princess Zelda and her four Champions.

The trailer suggested that we may be able to play as these characters, or may be able to play through their initial journey, where they fell in battle with Ganon. We did not get much information about the Champion's Ballad, but what was shown was extremely intriguing.

7 A Remake Of Metroid 2 Is Coming To The 3DS

This year has witnessed the revival of Samus Aran. Nintendo has finally allowed us to look past the atrocities of Other M and Federation Force, since we now know that we are getting new games in the Metroid series. Metroid Prime 4 was announced for the Nintendo Switch and an updated remake of Metroid II Return of Samus is coming to the Nintendo 3DS.

Metroid II was an excellent game that was inhibited by being on the original Game Boy. The tiny screen and tight corridors made it tricky to move around, which wasn't helped by its confusing world map and annoying enemies.

This remake is called Metroid Samus Returns and it features 3D character models on a 2D plane. The game has been totally revamped, with new abilities, enemies, and locations added to the original world. Metroid Samus Returns will finally offer fans of the series a fresh Metroid experience that they haven't had since the days of the Game Boy Advance.

6 Skyrim Will Have Legend Of Zelda Items & Amiibo Support

Skyrim - Fighting a dragon

Nintendo's E3 Conference technically began during the Bethesda event a few days earlier. One of the first games shown during the initial Nintendo Switch teaser trailer was a port of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bethesda has now unveiled a few more details about the game.

Skyrim for the Switch will contain all of the DLCs that were released for the base game, though we are unsure if it is going to be compatible with mods (though probably not, considering Nintendo's previous history with the modding community). This version of the game is also compatible with amiibo.

You can scan a Legend of Zelda amiibo into the game, which will conjure a chest that contains the Master Sword, the Hylian Shield, the Champion's Tunic, and a unique horse mount. Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch will also have motion controls, which will allow you to swing the Joy-Cons in order to make the Dragonborn use their weapon in the game.

A full price port of Skyrim might be a tall order by Bethesda and Nintendo. The game is six years old and is cheap to buy on most systems. The addition of outdated motion controls and a few Zelda items isn't likely to make people shell out for the game again, though you never know.

5 Mario + Rabbids Has Been Confirmed

The least surprising reveal of E3 happened during the Ubisoft conference when Shigeru Miyamoto arrived on the stage to promote the upcoming Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch.

This wasn't a surprise, as the game has been leaked since the days of the NX. Over the past month, we have seen the content art and promotional material for the game leaked to various websites, so the reveal was little more than a foregone conclusion. The biggest revelation is that it is due to come out in August.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle actually looks a lot better than the initial screenshots may have suggested. The game appears to be a mixture of Super Mario 3D World and XCOM.

Mario and a group of cosplaying Rabbids get to explore the Mushroom Kingdom, which will involve discovering secrets and collecting coins. They will have to battle enemy Rabbids, which turns the game into a turn-based shooter, in the same vein as the latest XCOM games.

Your enjoyment of Mario + Rabbids will likely depend on how much you love strategy games, compared to how much you hate the Rabbids.

4 Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions Is Coming To The 3DS

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

Mario + Rabbids wasn't the only game that was leaked early. Hackers had managed to collect information from the Nintendo eShop, which revealed the existence of an upcoming updated remake of Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga. This was originally an RPG for the Game Boy Advance, where you played as both of the brothers at the same time, as they tried to rescue Princess Peach's voice.

This updated version of the game is called Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions. The entire game has been overhauled for the Nintendo 3DS and looks a lot sharper than the original.

While the base game mostly remains the same, there is a new mode that has been added. You can now play as Bowser's Minions, as they attempt to rescue their kidnapped liege. This means that you get to play in an action/strategy game, where you command Bowser's troops in battle and provide them with buffs and abilities as needed.

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions is due for release on October 6th.

3 New Amiibos

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will feature four new amiibo. These will be based on the four champions of Hyrule. Amiibos of Daruk, Mipha, Revali, and Urbosa are being produced. It seems that Nintendo felt it was more important to release new amiibo for Breath of the Wild, rather than sorting out the supply issues with the current figures.

Super Mario Odyssey has three new upcoming amiibo. These are wedding variants of Bowser, Mario, and Princess Peach. Bowser and Mario are dressed in white suits, while Princess Peach is wearing a wedding dress. These amiibo will unlock new outfits in the game.

Metroid: The Return of Samus will have two new amiibo. One of these is Samus in a crouching position (to match her pose in the original box art) and a Metroid, which is said to be made of a squishy material, rather than hard plastic.

Fire Emblem Warriors also has two new amiibo for Chrom and Tiki, from Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga will have two new amiibo that are based on a Goomba and a Koopa Trooper.

2 There Were A Few Notable Absentees

The E3 Conference has the power to fulfill the hopes and dreams of gamers around the world. It also has the capacity to create disappointment. Not all of our desires can be filled, and some believe that Nintendo is better at ignoring certain groups of fans than most.

There was no word about a rumored Super Smash Bros. for Switch, nor Pikmin 4. The Virtual Console still has no new information (sorry Mother 3 fans).

Additionally, there was no information about the upcoming online service for the Switch, nor any details about an updated OS or the ability to use streaming video on the system. Nintendo recently acquired the copyrights for Duck Hunt and Hogan's Alley, which suggested that we may be seeing new games in those series, yet there was no mention of either.

One of the most surprising absentees was the mention of any smartphone games. We have yet to hear about the upcoming Animal Crossing phone game.

1 Super Mario Odyssey

New Donk City in Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo's biggest game of the year will likely be Super Mario Odyssey. It was shown off during the Switch Premiere. It was originally derided for looking like Sonic '06, but the latest trailer seems to have dispelled this criticism, as Super Mario Odyssey now looks like an incredible platform game that will expand the series like never before.

Super Mario Odyssey combines the joined worlds aspect of Mario Galaxy with the wide open setting of Mario Sunshine. Each of the levels is massive in scope and has numerous ways in which the player can complete their objectives.

Mario's hat now has the ability to possess his allies and enemies. This gives Mario a whole new range of power-ups to use. You can also dress Mario in new outfits, which will offer him even more abilities.

The release date for Super Mario Odyssey is October 27th.


The Verdict  - Nintendo has had a very strong showing this year, with several hotly desired games being announced for the Switch. This presentation has likely convinced quite a few gamers to take the plunge and purchase the console. While there are still a few notable absences and questions left unanswered, there is also a lot to be hopeful for when it comes to the future of Nintendo.


What did you think of Nintendo's E3 Conference? Let us know in the comments!

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