Nintendo 64 Classic Announcement Might Happen VERY Soon

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The wait may finally be over as it looks like Nintendo is ready to announce the Nintendo 64 Classic. As well as teasing an upcoming announcement, gaming fans are also being told five of the possible 30 games that will come preloaded on the N64 Classic.

News of a reimagined version of the hit '90s console has been doing the rounds since 2017 and was only recently followed with a possible leak of what the N64 Classic could look like. Players have pretty much expected the N64 Classic to drop later this year, but have been patiently waiting for the nod from Nintendo.

According to Gaming Intel, an announcement is imminent and there could be a reveal of the Nintendo 64 Classic shortly after the Nov. 1 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct. There is also the tantalizing tease that five fan-favorite games have made the impressive roster of nostalgic games. Although Gaming Intel says the news should be taken with a pinch of salt, it seems increasingly likely that the moment everyone's been waiting for is coming VERY soon.

Link and Epona Lon Lon Ranch in Zelda Ocarina of Time

There are rumored to be 30 games included on the N64 Classic, and players will be pleased to hear that Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeThe Legend of Zelda: Majora’s MaskBanjo-Kazooie, and Puyo Puyo Sun 64 will all provide a blast from the past. There are no surprises with most of the titles, but the source claims that the unusual choice of Puyo Puyo Sun 64 may just be on the Japanese version of the console.

Considering Ocarina of Time is credited with being one of the games that defined the 3D revolution, Link's charming trip to Hyrule was always going to be a popular choice. Elsewhere, Super Mario 64 is still held as a definitive Mario title and is an easy sell. There's still no sign on GoldenEye 007, but with another 25 games to pick from, the James Bond shooter is a likely candidate.

The site itself is confused by the leak, suggesting that either Nov. 1 will be when Nintendo makes the announcement or that the Nintendo 64 Classic will get its own Direct some time in November. If the N64 Classic is coming soon, it will end up going head-to-head with Sony's PlayStation Classic and its Dec. 3 release. Importantly, the N64 Classics catalog of 30 games nudged ahead of PlayStation's disappointing 20.

Fans will have to wait a little longer to find out what other Nintendo games have made the grade when it comes to the N64 Classic, but could out-there choices like Conker's Bad Fur Day or underrated titles like Doom 64 also find a new home? Either way, the Nintendo 64 Classic could follow in the footsteps of the NES Classic and SNES Classic to hit the shelves in time for Christmas and be one of this 2018's biggest sellers.

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Source: Gaming Intel

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