Total Lifetime Nintendo 3DS and Switch Hardware & Software Sales Revealed

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Nintendo has revealed sales numbers for the company's current generation of consoles. Based on the most recent numbers, it would appear that overall sales for Nintendo's home console are on an upswing, though the Switch is hardly the best-selling device the company has offered.

Nintendo has often struggled to corner the gaming console market. While the company has a sizable fanbase, they also tend to come in behind Xbox and PlayStation consoles in terms of generational sales. Following the company's recent E3 presentation, stocks dropped by over six percent. While all of this seems to add up to shaky sales for the innovative Switch console and 3DS, things appear to be turning out rather well for Nintendo this time around.

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According to a report by Kotaku, Nintendo's lifetime sales for their most recent handheld have dipped, but are still holding strong at 72.89 million units sold. The previous handheld option, the Nintendo DS, sold 154.02 units. The in-home console units feature a much more glaring disparity. The Switch has only sold 19.67 million units, while the Wii boasted 101.63 units sold.

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The biggest difference in sales numbers widens the gap considerably. The Switch has sold 86.93 million software units, so far. The WiiU, one of Nintendo's lowest selling consoles at 13.56, sold 102.28 million software units. The 3DS has managed to sell a respectable 367.84. But this pales in comparison to the Nintendo DS' 948.62. The Wii, a longstanding Nintendo best-seller, sold 919.94 software units.

There are a good many reasons for the glaring differences in these sales numbers. For example, when the Switch first debuted, many gamers experienced issues with overheating, causing the consoles to warp. Add to that delayed games and a lack of Triple-A titles, and many consumers apparently lost interest before the console ever debuted. The release of popular titles like Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, and Splatoon 2 are likely carrying the console. A new Super Smash Bros. title has recently been announced, along with a GameCube style controller to go with it. There will likely be a surge in sales around the time of this game's release.

As for the handheld devices, there could be two things holding back the hardware sales of the Nintendo 3DS, not the least of which being the unpopularity of 3D technology. It may be that consumers are choosing to skip the updated processor (and updated price tag) in favor of the more traditional handheld screens. There's also the Switch itself, which was designed to function as both an in-home console and a handheld. The 3DS may simply be a victim of sharing the market with Nintendo itself.

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Source: Kotaku

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