Movie News Wrap Up: 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', 'It', and More

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Gerald's Game gets a director; Mike Doyle joins Max Steel; the Coen Bros. will help polish Spielberg's Cold War thriller; the It remake changes studios; and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is headed to IMAX.


Oculus director Mike Flanagan has singed on to helm Gerald's Game, a forthcoming film based on the Stephen King novel.

Mike Flanagan Direct Geralds Game

Flanagan had previously written the script for Gerald's Game but was busy with another project and unable to direct. Now, Flanagan has decided to push that project, the supernatural thriller Diver, to 2015 and begin production on Gerald's Game later this year. Apparently, the prospect of directing a Stephen King novel was too good to pass up.

For those who might not know, Gerald's Game follows a married couple that takes a harmless contest to some horrific extremes while on a remote retreat. And, in typical Stephen King fashion, the story goes to some places you'd never expect.

Source: Deadline


Actor Mike Doyle has joined the cast of the upcoming Max Steel movie.

Mike Doyle Cast Max Steel

Doyle, who can be seen in next month's big screen adaptation of Jersey Boys, will play Jim McGrath, father to protagonist Max McGrath, in the film. He joins a cast that already includes Ben Winchell as Max, and Andy Garcia as Dr. Miles Edwards.

Based on the Mattel toy line and cartoon series, the film will follow a teen named Max who learns to harness the powers of a mysterious alien. Thor: The Dark World scribe Christopher Yost penned the Max Steel script, and Stewart Handler (Halo: Forward Unto Dawn) is on-board to direct.

Source: Deadline


Joel and Ethan Coen have agreed to help out on Steven Spielberg's upcoming Cold War thriller starring Tom Hanks.

Coen Brothers Talk Hail Caeser and George Clooney

It's important to note the Coens are not doing a full rewrite on the untitled script, only adding an extra bit of polish. As far as we can tell, the original script from Matt Charman, will remain mostly intact. The film will tell the true story of James Donavan (Hanks), an American attorney who slipped behind the Iron Curtain to negotiate the release of a captured pilot named Gary Powers.

While the Coen Bros. are most known for writing, directing, and even editing their own films (e.g. True Grit, No Country for Old Men) they have started to get into the business of writing scripts for others. Just recently, they helped write Unbroken for Angelina Jolie, and now they are assisting another fellow Oscar winner.

Source: The Wrap


True Detective director Cary Fukunaga's upcoming remake/re-adaptation of the Stephen King novel It has moved from Warner Bros. proper to the studio's New Line division.

It Remake Moves to New Line

The shift is the first step by Warner Bros. to reestablish New Line as a horror-first outfit. Many will remember New Line's prominence in the genre back in the '80s with Nightmare on Elm Street.

Although Fukunaga has been attached to helm It since 2012, it appears Warner Bros. is ready to get rolling on the two-film project. It couldn't have come at a better time either, as Fukunaga is coming off the massive success of True Detective.

Source: THR


IMAX has announced plans to release the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot to international audiences.

As with all of their theatrical releases, IMAX plans to digitally remaster the forthcoming film for the large screen format. Strangely, there is no word on an IMAX release for TMNT in North America, though.

Some box office analysts are speculating the international IMAX release is a financial play by Paramount in case the film opens soft at the domestic box office. In essence, the added cost of IMAX tickets combined with a strong showing overseas could offset a potentially disappointing domestic opening. It's a relatively new strategy deployed when a studio feels more confident in a film's international appeal, but as we saw with The Lone Ranger it doesn't always pay off.

Source: THR

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