• Mixer streamer Ninja recently came under fire... 1 / 8

    Ninja Mixer Vertical
  • ...for criticizing the way NFL kickers miss some tries in the league. 2 / 8

    Ravens Kicker NFL Vertical
  • The streamer apparently couldn't understand how teams couldn't just replace kickers who missed kicks... 3 / 8

  • ...suggesting it was so simple that there must be "pools" of options in the USA alone. 4 / 8

    Vikings Kicker NFL Vertical
  • Naturally, Ninja's complete misunderstanding of how difficult it is to be an NFL kicker was roasted online... 5 / 8

    Ninja Livestream Vertical
  • ...leading to an exchange that criticized the skill needed to play Fortnite that saw Ninja delete his tweets after. 6 / 8

  • For someone branching into more media, Ninja will likely need to revisit how he openly criticizes problems. 7 / 8

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