Ninja's Opinion of NFL Kickers Got Completely Destroyed This Weekend

Streaming superstar Tyler "Ninja" Blevins doesn't understand why NFL kickers miss during games, prompting the internet to completely roast him.

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Streaming superstar Tyler "Ninja" Blevins doesn't understand why NFL kickers miss crucial points during games, and his lack of knowledge on the subject has seen the internet completely roast him over the American Thanksgiving weekend. Ninja is most famous for his prowess at Fortnite, a game he is intrinsically tied to and a relationship that has launched both parties into more visibility and the financial success that comes with being ubiquitous on streaming platforms.

Ninja also made waves for becoming the first major Mixer acquisition when he revealed he was leaving Twitch to join Microsoft's rival streaming platform as part of the company's attempt to provide a competitor for Amazon's service. Ninja has since enjoyed similar viewership numbers and remains one of the most influential gaming personalities in the world, expanding his media empire to a graphic novel detailing a fantasy world where he competes in an actual battle royal as well as various appearances on television programs. Ninja's departure from Twitch also shook up the streaming world dramatically, as Twitch has continued to bleed huge content creators to rival sites offering lucrative contracts and more focused marketing.

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Unfortunately for Ninja, his knowledge of Fortnite didn't exactly translate well into knowledge of the NFL, leading to the public roasting he received from fans of the sport over the weekend. Ninja originally tweeted about he would "love some opinions" on why NFL kickers are allowed on teams when they miss kicks, implying that he felt the role was extremely easy and suggesting outright that he felt there were "pools" of kickers in the United States alone who wouldn't miss field goal or PAT tries that were "simple." Fans were quick to jump on the bandwagon of pointing out his lack of knowledge on the matter:

The tweet that fans have most enjoyed is the one above from DuckyTheGamer, who spun Ninja's argument around on him. The result was Ninja immediately snapping back, apparently fairly sensitive about people inferring he isn't good at his job - proving the point of Ducky, who seemed to be trying to outline the same for NFL kickers. Ninja has since deleted the tweet, since it was getting a lot of negative reaction.

Despite the fact that Fortnite and the NFL have a healthy relationship, it seems there's still some misunderstanding between the most popular Fortnite content creator in the world and the many athletes who spend their entire lives training to be good enough to play in the NFL. It's a lesson learned for Ninja, who continues to grow under the spotlight of an industry that has propped him up as one of its most recognizable faces.

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