Ninja Already Hits 1 Million Subs on Mixer

Ninja Mixer 1 Million Subs

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has already made his mark on Mixer, eclipsing 1 million subscribers within his first week on the platform. Ninja is one of the most recognizable content creators in the world, made famous for his rise to stardom that was congruent with Fortnite's steady path toward global ubiquity.

Ninja's mark on the gaming world may have been made through his dedication to Fortnite, growing alongside the Epic Games multiplayer stalwart, but he actually got his start as a competitive gamer. Many of Ninja's early fans came to know him thanks to his skill as a Halo professional gamer, something he then translated into Fortnite stardom when the battle royale was still lesser-known. It's also hard not to associate Ninja with Twitch, the streaming platform that played host to his career for pretty well all of it up until just last week when the content creator dropped a bombshell announcement that revealed Ninja was heading to Mixer, the Microsoft-owned Twitch alternative.

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Ninja took to Twitter to acknowledge the milestone while thanking his fans, stating that he hasn't felt "this good" in quite some time. Ninja's Mixer numbers have likely been helped a great deal by the fact that, as part of a celebration for his exclusivity deal, Mixer is giving away free one-month subscriptions to Ninja's channel. That deal lasts until September 30, where fans will begin needing to pay a fee - historically, Mixer subs cost $5.99 - for perks that are essentially the same as the ones Twitch offers subs, like no advertisements mid-stream and custom emotes.

For Microsoft, the exclusivity deal for Ninja - which is reportedly anywhere between a cool $10 million and $50 million - could already be worth it. Even if Ninja's sub numbers drop off after the free subscription offer expires, it will have inevitably drawn millions of viewers to the platform, where they are free to explore and potentially find other content creators to get excited about. As far as advertising deals go, the amount of interest Ninja draws to any website he's affiliated with will likely pay for itself even if the cost seems steep to start. There's also the extreme likelihood that Ninja will be a major factor in Halo Infinite advertising up to and following that game's release - the star is closely-tied to that property already, and Microsoft will want to use his exclusivity deal to help one of the biggest Xbox exclusives in years.

For Ninja, though, the Mixer deal is off to a predictably sweet start. The real numbers, however, are yet to reveal themselves - those will come after September 30, when the star gets to find out how many subscribers will stick around to pay for his content on Mixer once the free offer expires. Given Ninja's massive popularity and the fact that Fortnite is still one of the biggest games on the planet, though, it seems ill-advised to bank against the streamer. In the case of Microsoft, the company has determined it's much more viable to bank on him instead.

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