New Clips: Ninja Assassin & Survival of the Dead

Two new clips have appeared online for two upcoming films: Ninja Assassin and Survival of the Dead. Assassin hit theaters before the end of the year, while Survival is supposed to hit sometime this year, so thankfully there's not that long left to wait until we get to see them. And Screen Rant has the two new clips to wet your appetite for both movies.

This is one of those action movies that looks to fall back and rely on its kick-ass action (fighting) sequences to carry it when other elements may not be as strong (acting, for example). But that's sometimes okay, if the action is good enough, that is. And going by this clip, as well as the official trailer, I don't think that's going to be a problem in the slightest. Check out the badass Ninja Assassin clip below:


Wow, there's some serious fight choreography and stunt work going on there. Korean pop/mega star, Rain, may be starring in his first proper action role (he appeared in Speed Racer last year), but it certainly doesn't show from what we've seen of the movie. That may change if and when we get to see him act (as you can tell by the intro to the above clip, his English isn't too good), but as far as action goes, he's nailed it.

The previously titled Island of the Dead is horror movie legend George A. Romero's sixth "Dead" film (I can't not think of The Joker in The Dark Knight mouthing "six" in the holding cell :) ). The film follows a group of people on an Island off the coast of North America who are trying to survive a zombie outbreak, as well trying to find a cure to bring their "zombiefied" relatives back to human life.

The clip shows an effective comedic slant to the zombie proceedings from Romero, something which may or may not work within the context of the film, but watching it by itself it really works. Take a look:

I wasn't a fan of Romero's two previous "Dead" films, Diary of the Dead and Land of the Dead, and I think the horror icon has gone as far as he can with this horror sub-genre. But even so, I still find myself looking forward to his latest zombie outing. Go figure.

What do you think of these two clips? Which of the two movies are you looking forward to most?

Ninja Assassin hits theaters on November 25th, 2009, while Survival of the Dead is only playing at the Toronto Film Festival this month (in a few days, FYI). No official theatrical release date has been set for Romero's latest as of yet. Screen Rant will keep you posted on that front.

Sources: TrailerAddict and Twitch

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