Nimrod Antal To Direct Predators Instead Of Neil Marshall?

[UPDATE: Confirmed! Nimrod Antal WILL be directing 'Predators!']

The last we heard about the upcoming Robert Rodriguez produced Predators reboot/sequel, The Descent helmer Neil Marshall was apparently in "close talks," to direct it. The deal between Marshall and 20th Century Fox had not be signed but Bloody Disgusting said they had a reliable source saying it was getting close to being a done deal. AICN previously reported that Marshall was one of seven directors who were being looked at to direct Predators, and that he was first in line.

However, today we get news from Latino Review that it may not be Marshall who directs Predators after all, and instead a man named Nimrod Antal is the "top candidate."

Who's this Nimrod Antal guy, I hear you ask? Well he directed the Luke Wilson/Kate Beckinsale horror-thriller Vacancy a couple of years ago, and has just completed the thriller Armored, both films for Sony Entertainment. Latino Review's El Mayimbe says the information comes from a "super trusted source" and they expect AICN to contact Rodriguez to see if this is indeed true (they have direct contact with the Predators producer).

At the time when it was reported by AICN that Rodriguez was looking at seven different people for the Predators directing gig, all meetings were considered "close talks." We know for sure that Marshall is one of those names, and presumably so is Antal. I just wonder why Rodriguez has (apparently) got Antal at the front of the line - it doesn't seem like Vacancy and the upcoming Armored are anywhere near as suited to the style of a Predator film as Marshall's resume is (The Descent, Dog Soldiers, Doomsday).

I'm not saying Antal isn't a good director - I actually thought Vacancy was an effective little film for what it was, with Antal showing some real flare for tension - but is he really more suited to Predators, than Marshall?

Screen Rant will keep you in the loop as to who is directing Predators, and whether Antal is really the top candidate or not.

For now: What do you think of Nimrod Antal apparently being top of the pile to direct Predators? Do you think he is a good fit or should it be Neil Marshall who directs - or even someone else entirely?

Predators is currently slated for a release on July 9th, 2010.

Sources: LatinoReview, AICN and Bloody Disgusting

Update Source: AICN

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