Nightwing Director Debunks Zac Efron Casting Rumor

Few details about the upcoming Nightwing film have been announced, but director Chris McKay just assured fans that the former Robin will not be portrayed by Zac Efron. Last year it was announced that Dick Grayson would be getting the feature film treatment, but precious little information has been revealed since.

The movie will be helmed by the aforementioned Chris McKay, who also directed the LEGO Batman Movie. Although a rumor has been circulating that the role of Nightwing already belongs to Zac Efron, McKay has made it known that there is no truth behind it. Since the film was announced, there have been many names suggested for the project. Arrow star Colton Haynes teased that he might be up for the role. Dexter Darden feels that his Maze Runner costar, Dylan O'Brien, would be perfect for the part. Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki has expressed interest as well. Fans have cast everyone from Finn Wittrock to Steven Yeun.

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When asked by a fan about Efron’s casting, McKay took to Twitter to refute the rumor. The director put it plainly, stating, “Not True”.

The speculation made little sense considering that for the time being, production appears to be halted. Over a year after the announcement that there would be a Nightwing in the DCEU, McKay was in talks to direct Dungeons & Dragons. Initially, it seemed that a movie about Batman’s one-time sidekick was a priority, but if McKay signs on for D&D, fans might be waiting a long time to see Dick Grayson’s story unfold on the big screen.

McKay has previously explained that he is taking his time to make sure that he does the character justice. However, many fans were concerned that if the auteur chose to direct Dungeons & Dragons, that would spell trouble for Nightwing. Thankfully, McKay recently let it be known that the only way he’ll leave the project will be if DC chooses to fire him.

While Efron has proven his acting chops in recent years, most fans would prefer to see someone else suit up as Nightwing. McKay may have shot down this particular rumor, but it’s likely we'll be waiting a while for the real scoop. The director even held a poll on Twitter, asking fans what they consider to be the most important quality of the character. It’s telling that McKay asked for input not on the actor, but rather on the aspects that make Dick Grayson so compelling. The director has also said that he will be holding an open casting call. Nightwing is one’s of DC’s most beloved heroes. At least McKay seems to genuinely care about finding the right actor for the job.

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Source: Chris McKay

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