Nightwing Has a New Mission With DC's Justice League

Nightwing and his Titans may be used to fighting supervillains, but he's founding a brand new team with a brand new mission: to welcome Earth's new generation of metahumans into the larger DC Universe. To handle the task, Dick Grayson has assembled a roster of heroes old and new, spanning from former Teen Titans to fan-favorites who have been missing out on DC's Rebirth.

It's Nightwing who is making the calls all on his own, letting the Justice League know as a simple courtesy in Titans Special #1. In our exclusive preview, the former Robin explains how being one step behind the new metahumans emerging from DC's METAL event has already put blood on his hands.

And why he won't let it happen again, whether or not he grants Batman's wish to operate his new team as part of the Justice League. Dick Grayson is truly following his own path into DC's New Age of Heroes.

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The preview pages from the Titans Special reveal that Dan Abnett's new Titans run will be directly connected to just one facet of the Metal fallout: the Source Wall surrounding the entire DC Universe being cracked open. As the Justice League has split into three teams and titles to handle the other effects, Nightwing sees a need for troops on the ground, right here at home. The Dark energy released throughout the Multiverse may lead to new mysteries across the cosmos and realms of magic... but it's also awakening powers in innocent, unsuspecting people.

Since he started his own superhero career s a terrified, abandoned kid, there's no way Dick Grayson can turn a blind eye. Take a look at the preview pages below:

The preview should give fans a sign of how the Titans comic will undergo some changes, while still remaining relevant alongside the rest of DC's hero teams. The Titans series launched in large part because of Wally West's return in the DC Rebirth. But with Wally off confronting his own heartbreaking demons in Flash War, there's no better time to give the Titans a new mission.

The setup of monitoring for, and helping new metahumans transformed by the METAL fallout is promising for two reasons. One, it's as solid a format as any for introducing compelling new heroes and villains. And two, it frames Dick's team as offering hope, safety, and potentially a meaning for young characters - which is what set the Teen Titans apart in the first place. The preview ends on a tease of a dream team already assembled by Dick, but details on future issues have revealed most, if not all of his roster.

The likes of former Teen Titans Raven, Beast Boy, and Miss Martian have the skills to track and counter almost any metahumans, but it's the older generation of Nightwing, Donna Troy, and Steel who are equipped to guide the newly emerged find their next purpose in life.

Check out a full synopsis for the issue below:


Published: June 13, 2018

Writer: Dan Abnett

Art: Various

Cover Artist: Brandon Peterson

It’s the dawn of a new age of TITANS! The events of METAL and NO JUSTICE have left the team in tatters, but a strange new threat has emerged to lead Nightwing to reassemble the Titans with a mix of old blood and new. A rash of metahuman power fluctuations are threatening people around the globe, and only the friends who grew up as superheroes can help those whose powers have grown out of control! It all starts here in this special issue kicking off a bold new direction!

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Titans Special #1 will be available from DC Comics on June 13, 2018.

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