Lois Lane Gains An Unlikely Superpower In Nightwing: New Order

Lois Lane makes an appearance in the latest issue of Marvel's Nightwing: The New Order, and she's packing some new and unexpected powers.

Lois Lane has appeared in Nightwing: The New Order, and she's got a Blue Lantern ring in this future world. Nightwing: The New Order is a new DC title exploring a future world where the majority of superpowers have been neutralized... by Dick Grayson himself. Set in 2040, 'The New Order' takes place twelve years after Nightwing launched a weapon that wiped out 90% of the world's superpowers, and ushered in the titular new order led by his Crusaders. Superpowers are now limited, and illegal, with any powered person legally required to take inhibitor drugs to suppress their abilities. Those who do not respond to the drugs are placed in stasis, and only a small resistance is attempting to keep powers in the world.

By the series' fourth issue, however, things are going very wrong for Nightwing-that-was. His son, Jake, has been revealed to have superpowers - and may even be the key to reversing the weapon that wiped out the others in 2028. Dick's crusaders have turned against him, and he has reunited with his old Teen Titans team (not teens anymore, of course) to try and rescue his son. A new member of the team is Lois Lane, and in this future, she has some a very interesting new power: the possession of a Blue Lantern ring.

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In Nightwing: The New Order #4, Grayson wakes up in the Teen Titans lair in Bludhaven, where they have taken him after saving him from the Crusaders. He is surprised to see his old friends, and especially his estranged wife, Starfire. With the Titans is Lois Lane, who reveals that she has been healing him, thanks to her Blue Power Ring. Her latest status comes with a costume change, as she wears the uniform of the Blue Lantern Corps, and uses her powers several times throughout the issue.

Nightwing The New Order Lois Lane Healing

As well as healing Nightwing, she also uses the ring to try and give him 'hope', and break up a fight between him and Wally West by creating visions of the life that he wishes he had (with his wife and son together again). She is also seen flying, and using her ring to collect items from the Crusaders lab. However, when asked if she would be able to bust a door off its hinges, she explains that without a Green Power Ring nearby, she 'doesn't have that kind of kick'.

It's not explained how she got these new powers, and there has to be a story there. In the main continuity, Lois Lane became Superwoman after the death of Superman, and now has the same basic powers that he did. Her new status as a Blue Lantern is obviously a big change from that, and it will be interesting to see if this is explained in future issues. There's also no clear indication of whether her Superwoman powers were nullified by Nightwing's weapon, or if she is now packing both Superwoman abilities and a Power Ring - given that she couldn't blast the door, it seems like she is power-free, other than the ring, but this isn't confirmed in the issue itself. Hopefully, Nightwing: The New Order has plenty in store for Lois in the future.

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