Nightwing Script Expected 'Very Soon', Director Teases 'Big Things'

Nightwing director Chris McKay shares that the film's script is almost done, hyping up fans for big things to come in the next several months. Notably absent from an earlier version of DC Films' movie slate, the latest rumor suggests Nightwing, alongside Man of Steel 2, are back on the docket. While we haven't heard anything yet from the Henry Cavill-led sub-franchise, we have been getting tiny morsels of information about the upcoming superhero origins flick featuring Dick Grayson version of Batman's former sidekick.

Not much is known regarding the project but it seems like it's quietly progressing with McKay at the helm and The Accountant writer, Bill Dubuque, hard at work on the script. Last month the filmmaker teased about an update regarding Nightwing but cautioned that it's not going to be about casting. Now staying true to his word, he's back with a pretty exciting news for fans who have been clamoring for any information on the movie.


Taking it to his official Twitter account, McKay announced that film's script is nearing completion as they continue "working on rip-o-matic to show studio." Despite this, he once again asked fans to patiently wait for a casting announcement. Even though the story is almost done, they still have a long way to go in regards to polishing the script and prepping for production. Check out his tweet below:

It's a good thing that Warner Bros. and McKay are actually taking the time to finalize the story first before jumping to the next step of production. He has reiterated time and again that he is by no means being rushed and this proves that. Many of the snags that hit previous movies from the DC Films shared universe are rooted in script rewrites after initial feedback was given. Making sure that the narrative is solid and is exactly how they want it diminishes the chances of major rewrites leading to extensive reshoots that results in a disjointed end product like Justice League or even Suicide Squad.

That said, it's not like McKay is not yet pondering about the actor he wants in that Nightwing titular role. Just a bit earlier before he offered the aforementioned update, he did a social media poll about fans' thought process if they were to cast the film. His followers quickly jumped on the conversation and thus far, it appears that people are more particular about getting someone that has the physical skills for the role. The director has previously revealed that he will tackle Dick Grayson's circus background and teased that the film will feature a lot of real stuntwork so it makes sense that the public wants someone who can deliver on this front.

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Source: Chris McKay

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