Nightwing Should Have White Eyes Mask, Says Director

Nightwing movie director Chris McKay appears to confirm that his version of the superhero will feature the comic book mask's white lenses.

DC Rebirth Nightwing

Nightwing movie director Chris McKay agrees with a fan's assertion that the hero's eyes when masked should be white, as in the comic books. With Warner Bros. and DC's much-maligned superhero all star jam Justice League proving a disappointment more or less across the board, many fans are willing to shrug it off and look ahead to the future of the DC cinematic universe.

This future consists almost exclusively of solo outings, be they sequels (Wonder Woman 2), potential franchise-starters with now-established characters (AquamanFlashpoint), a hybrid reboot/prequel no one is quite sure about (The Batman), or introductions to new DC characters (Shazam!). Also, within the established DC Bat-movie universe, we will be getting at least two spinoff solo films which Bat-fans in particular are very interested in: Joss Whedon's Batgirl and McKay's Nightwing.


While there are no details on Nightwing's plot or even which Nightwing we will get (though the smart money is on the most popular incarnation and former Robin, Dick Grayson), McKay (The LEGO Batman Movie) has been communicating with fans via social media. McKay has asked fans for casting choices, teased the movie's script "coming soon," and has responded on Twitter to a fan's concern over the look of the Bat-family's masked eyes.

When a fan voiced his preference on the appearance of the Bat-characters' eyes in the current run of films - preferring the opaque white lenses when Batman or the other Bat-family heroes are masked or cowled - McKay seemed to hint toward including just that in his Nightwing. See below:


— Chris McKay (@buddboetticher) February 18, 2018

Zack Snyder's version of Batman introduced in Batman v Superman did indeed feature the glowing white lenses - but only in the armor Ben Affleck's Batman wore during his battle with Henry Cavill's Superman. Nearly every comic book version of Batman has featured the white eyes on Batman's cowl for decades, with a notable exception being the Earth One Batman, which featured a very different take on Batman's origin. To be fair, Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight featured Batman's iconic white lenses during the movie's final act, with Batman also utilizing a twist on the famous "Detective Vision", but that trilogy is separate from the current canon.

If we take McKay's brief comment at face value, it could mean that fans should expect Nightwing's Bat-universe to hew closer to the comics than we've seen up to this point. The aesthetics of Nightwing's mask aside, a question that remains unanswered is just when Nightwing will be released (as it was not included on a rumored slate of upcoming films), and which Batman will be his former mentor. Fans are eager for a faithful take on Dick Grayson, but clearing up the snarled narrative continuity would result in a lot of pre-emptive goodwill toward the filmmakers.


Source: Chris McKay

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