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Geek Picks

Star Wars shares picture of fan-made Darksaber on Twitter

This fan-built Darksaber made out of LEGOs is super impressive - though any Sith or Jedi would be easily defeated just by stepping on one of those pain-inducing tiny bricks.

Aliens: Mondo Tee-ki mugs

Have you ever watch Aliens and thought "I'd sure like to drink my beverage from the head of an Xenomorph?" You're in luck! Mondo Tees has answered your dreams.

The Goonies: Adventure Card Game

This cooperative card game by Albino Dragon was funded through Kickstarter and is finally available to the public. Grab a Baby Ruth, out run the Fratellis and search for One-Eyed Willy's treasure with your best friends.

Movie News

La La Land wins Best Picture...wait, no...Moonlight wins Best Picture

The Oscars were having a pretty decent night until Warren Beatty was handed the wrong card and ended the night on a flub.

Bill Paxton Dies at 61 - "Game Over Man."

Hollywood lost another popular and well-respected actor this last week. Break out your Aliens and Frailty DVDs and relive his best moments.

Matt Reeves (Officially) Directing The Batman...Again

The "will they/won't they" romance between Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. seems to have finally come to a conclusion.

Nightwing Movie Coming to the DCUE

Director Chris McKay impressed the big wigs at WB so much they asked him to make a Nightwing movie.


TV News

Arrowverse Producers Working on ‘True Four-Way’ TV Show Crossover

The first crossover involved all the characters but the story only affected 3 of the shows.

Black Lightning TV Show Casts Cress Williams As Its Lead

The next superhero in The CW DCTV universe has been cast and he has the Hart of Dixie in him.

Mayans MC: Sons of Anarchy Spinoff Casts J.D. Pardo as Series Lead

The casting of lead characters continues as Mayans MC finds its head honcho.

Netflix’s Castlevania TV Series Gets an Official Poster

The first look at Dracula's castle made its appearance this week and it looks super creepy. Good thing Simon Belmont has to go in there and not us.

New Trailers

Kong: Skull Island (Final Trailer)


Skull Island looks like it will be filled with amazing action and monster fights, if nothing else - which is just fine.

The Discovery (Trailer #2)

Robert Redford is a scientist with a sketchy background searching for proof of the afterlife - sounds intriguing.

47 Meters Down (Trailer #1)

Shark movies will always be appealing. Can sisters, Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) survive a shark attack under the ocean's waters?

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (Trailer #2)

Guy Ritchie's stylistic take on King Arthur looked ho-hum until this trailer came out. Now it looks pretty interesting.

Insightful Originals

New Awards Categories the Oscars Need Right Now

The Academy constantly updates its categories over the years. It's time to add a few more categories to the lineup.

How a Nightwing Movie Could Revive the DCEU

Could Nightwing be just the thing to give the DCEU a popularity boost? Does it even NEED a popularity boost?

Interesting Lists

Comic Book Movie Scenes We Can’t Wait To See In 2017

From Star-Lord's father, to Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok - there are some great comic book moments about to happen this year.

Fun Facts You Never Knew About the Justice League

From Vixen becoming the first black member, to Atom's floating chair: these are some things you might not have known about the Justice League.

Opening This Week

The Shack - Watch the Trailer

Based on novel by William Paul Young, Sam Worthington stars as a man who, after a terrible event in his life, has lost his way. He finds a way back thanks to the help of Octavia Spencer and Tim McGraw.


Logan - Watch the Trailer

Set in a distant future, Logan discovers he may have a daughter - but can he fight off Donald Pierce and his henchmen while keeping Professor Xavier alive?

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