Nightwing Movie: Dave Franco is Game to Play Dick Grayson

Warner Bros. is still in the early days of the DC Extended Universe, but so far the biggest highlight has been the return of the Caped Crusader with Ben Affleck taking on this role. He was a standout in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and has stayed front and center throughout the marketing for Justice League. His solo movie is now starting to come together with Matt Reeves onboard to direct, and it looks like WB is doubling down on how heavy of an influence Batman has on the universe.

As some Justice League members await word on their solo films, WB has been busy fleshing out the Batverse with Suicide Squad 2 eyeing a number of directors, but the most recent news came that Joss Whedon will be directing a Batgirl solo movie. She is not the only member of the Bat Family to get her own movie however, as Chris McKay is taking on Nightwing. The project has yet to cast a lead, but if WB is interested in Dave Franco for the role, he would be interested in joining.

Comic Book spoke to Franco at CinemaCon following the WB presentation that featured Franco in The LEGO Ninjago Movie. With McKay making the jump from The LEGO Batman to Nightwing, the site expressed their interest in seeing Franco follow suit and star as Dick Grayson. While he has yet to hear anything from the studio, he will definitely answer that call should it come.

Absolutely. Again, it is one of these things that they can literally go to anybody, but I'm here if they want me.

Nightwing Comic Art Dick Grayson

Should something ever be made of Franco's potential interest in the role, it would mark a big change for him as an actor. He has so far stayed very close to comedy and it has worked out quite well for him to this point. Whether it was his start in Superbad or joining later franchises like 21 Jump StreetNow You See Me, and Neighbors 2, comedy has always been a big part of Franco's success.

That said, after all these years being looked at as purely a comedy guy, landing a role like Nightwing could show his full range and allow him to dive into more dramatic material, while also mixing in some action. Nightwing is typically not cracking jokes most of the time, and in this iteration could be more serious following the death of a fellow Robin.

As of right now, this is purely just a case of an actor being interested in joining what could be a super popular franchise, so it will be interesting to see if anything actually comes out of this or not. WB, as pointed out by Franco, will have no shortage of options for the role. If McKay is hoping to inject a similarly comedic styling to Nightwing that he showed in The LEGO Batman Movie, then maybe Franco could be a great choice after all.

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Source: Comic Book

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