Nightwing Movie Director Teases Non-Casting Update Next Month

Director Chris McKay is teasing that a major update on his upcoming Nightwing movie is coming sometime around Valentine’s Day — but it won’t be a casting announcement. It’s been nearly a year since it was revealed that McKay had been tapped to helm Dick Grayson’s first solo film. The confirmation came less than two weeks after he’d made his directorial debut with The LEGO Batman Movie, which landed in theaters amidst glowing reviews and went on to gross an impressive $312 million at the box office.

We haven’t heard much about the project over these last few months, leading to concern that the movie had been shelved. The DCEU film slate has been called into question more than once since Justice League proved to be a critical and commercial disappointment, though it appears that the Nightwing movie remains on the right track.

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While we don’t know much about the movie itself, McKay has been pretty open about what he’s looking for in his Nightwing actor. The filmmaker is casting a wide net in his search for the DCEU's Dick Grayson, a physically demanding role that will require a ton of real stunt work. Several notable actors have expressed an interest in the part, including Dave FrancoDacre Montgomery, and Nick Jonas. After a fan reached out on Twitter about when we can expect to learn more about the project -- including any casting news or a possible release date -- McKay revealed that an update will come next month, sometime around Valentine's Day. In the process, he may have also teased that plans for multiple Nightwing movies are in the works. Check out the tweet for yourself:

McKay's tweet is in keeping with his comments from last month, so it's looking like February will prove to be a big month for Nightwing fans. The announcement could be a production start date, actual details regarding the story, or even a concrete release date. As exciting as that is, perhaps the most enticing part of this tweet is that the director is referring to the project as the first Nightwing movie. This could imply that he has plans for multiple solo outings starring Batman's original Boy Wonder. He's more than likely referring to the fact that this will be Nightwing's first solo film, however, because the last thing the DCEU wants to do at this point is get ahead of itself.

Regardless, it’s great to hear that the recent corporate turnover at the head of the DCEU hasn’t affected Nightwing’s solo project. Because this movie needs to happen.

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