Nightwing & Harley Quinn Get Married in DC's Future

That Time Harley Quinn & Nightwing Slept Together

As we mentioned earlier, the fact that Old Lady Harley suggests that Harley and Dick fell in love and were married is guaranteed to draw their love scene back into the spotlight. Back in 2017, the animated feature film Batman and Harley Quinn reunited the trio of heroes and villainous sidekick - specifically, the versions that fans knew and loved from the original Batman: The Animated Series. And while the movie's version of Dick Grayson seemed to be apprehensive, then definitively less so about being tied up in Harley's bed, the fan response didn't quite match his sheepish grin.

For one major, justifiable reason: in the original Animated Series Harley Quinn was an adult woman while Dick was still a prepubescent boy. Thanks to the completely malleable timelines and ages of comic book characters, the movie allowed Dick to close the gap and enter a (heavily implied) sex scene with a Harley far older than he was. But for fans who preferred to think of these characters as their original counterparts, the turn to such a mature reunion was less than welcomed (still not as bad as the Batman/Batgirl sex scene from The Killing Joke, but not great either).

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However, the scene makes as much sense from a character and plot standpoint in the film as it does in the comics. Keep in mind, this is the modern version of the heroine we're talking about. In other words, the Harley Quinn who realized Joker's abuse. And the version of Harley Quinn who got revenge on Joker before making a life just for herself. A life outside of crime... and a life in which a fun-loving, obliviously adorable fella like Nightwing could actually be appealing...

Nightwing & Harley Makes Sense (Until He Died)

There are guaranteed to be a LOT of comic book fans who would prefer to imagine that in the future of the DC Universe, Nightwing ended up with Batgirl before any other potential mates. After all, Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon have had an on-again, off-again romance for years (decades, but who's counting?). For those fans, there may be little reason to trust that Harley's marriage to Dick is anything but a joke. And back when it was first alluded to in Harley Quinn #42, it seemed to be exactly that, with her marriage to Nightwing just one of several, including Killer Croc, Catwoman, her comic book allies Frank Frank and Tony Delfini, and even the head of Gary Busey.

But by revealing that Nightwing was killed in the line of duty at some point in the next three decades of DC's future, the storytellers have changed the odds. Nightwing stands out from the other marriages as one far less convincing as a whim, or flight of fancy (Catwoman now being married to Killer Croc, as well). The first assumption would be that if Harley and Dick ended up together, it would be as heroic equals. So if the end of their marriage could be explained through his death, as opposed to divorce, then maybe Dick and Harley did get their happy ending, after all?

Hopefully that mystery will be cleared up by the rest of the Old Lady Harley series, but for now, does it ring true to you Nightwing fans?

Old Lady Harley #2 is available now from DC Comics.

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