Nightwing & Harley Quinn Get Married in DC's Future

Warning: SPOILERS for Old Lady Harley #2

They may have started as enemies, but Harley Quinn and Nightwing obviously got along at some point, since DC Comics reveals that at some point in the future, the two of them got married... until Dick died in the line of duty.

This isn't the first time that Dick Grayson and Dr. Harleen Quinzel have been romantically linked, either as a passing joke, or as a more substantial story line. DC caused a recent controversy when an animated film showed that Harley Quinn and Nightwing had sex, so it remains to be seen if fans will be more or less upset about their marriage. Of course, her wedding with Nightwing isn't the weirdest thing in Harley Quinn's newly-revealed future...

Harley Quinn's Ex-Husband, Dick Grayson

The future husband(s) of Harley Quinn are revealed in the pages of Old Lady Harley #2, DC's own answer to Marvel's Old Man Logan. Where the original revealed the grim future wasteland of Wolverine, Old Lady Harley is a tongue-in-cheek imitation of the same story (with elements of Back to the FutureMad Max, and more added in for flavor). Beginning just five years into the future of DC's current timeline with Harley Quinn's murder of The Penguin, the story jumps three decades further. The world has collapsed into wastelands and cruelly-guarded cities... and Harley's romantic wake is just as destructive.

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One city that has actually survived is Gotham, thanks in large part to the now-constant surveillance of Batman's army of Bat-robots (a commonly recurring solution he eventually turns to in the future). But Harley has to wonder if more than just a quest for order now fuels the Batman, as Bruce sits wired into his automated army, staring directly at the trophy case holding Nightwing's costume. She believes that it might be in response to the death of Nightwing... her "ex-husband."

While this is the first confirmation of Harley Quinn and Nightwing's love affair and marriage in the pages of Old Lady Harley, writer Frank Tieri make reference to it back in Harley Quinn #42. It was in that issue where the idea for Old Lady Harley was born, before being given its own miniseries. And it was also the first place where it was revealed that she had exchanged wedding vows with Dick Grayson... and a few others. This future timeline of the DC Universe also keeps the alternate-Earth wedding of Harley Quinn and Poisony Ivy in canon, which makes perfect sense (as the pair have been longtime lovers of one sort or another in the main DCU).

But based on her history with Nightwing and his death as revealed in this version of DC's future, there is reason to believe that the love between Dick Grayson and Harley Quinn is more than just a throwaway gag.

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