Nightwing Casting Announcement Coming In February?

Either a Nightwing casting announcement and/or concrete details on the DC movie will arrive next February, according to director Chris McKay. Although the Nightwing movie isn't part of Warner Bros.' official DC film slate at the moment, the project is actively moving forward under McKay's supervision. The LEGO Batman Movie director has remained active on social media throughout the film's development and continues to promise his followers that a more concrete update on the movie will be coming sooner, rather than later.

The first new DC project to be announced this year, Nightwing seems to be moving along smoothly down the pipeline. Just last month, in fact, an open casting call for Nightwing was announced by McKay. While some big names are surely being considered, it seems there's a fair chance an unknown could nab the role of Dick Grayson in the film. Of course, there's still the issue that the title character has yet to appear on the big screen; not to mention, how (if at all) McKay's movie will connect to Matt Reeves' The Batman. Regardless of where Nightwing fits into the larger DC Films picture, it seems that fans may not have to wait much longer to find out who is starring in the film.

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In response to a fan question on Twitter, Chris McKay teased that a casting announcement and more information for Nightwing could arrive as early as February of next year. You can read his comment below:

Given the Nightwing casting process is well underway, February seems perfectly reasonable for an announcement about the lead role. McKay has also spent the past few months teasing the story and scope of the film. With the plot seemingly locked into place and a lead actor just months away from being confirmed, Nightwing could potentially start filming as soon as next spring or summer.

In all likelihood, however, that probably won't happen. Both Wonder Woman 2 and Shazam! are both set to begin filming next year, before Suicide Squad 2 potentially starts production in the fall. It seems unlikely that Warner Bros. would put four different DC movies into production in a single year following the box office disappointment of Justice League, which suggests that either Nightwing or Suicide Squad 2 will start filming in 2019 instead.

WB has two untitled DC movie release dates in 2020 currently scheduled, not counting the studio's previously-claimed dates in 2020 for Cyborg and Green Lantern Corps. McKay appears to be making steady progress on Nightwing, indicating that the film will end up taking one of the two unclaimed DC film dates in 2020. Hopefully, we will know for certain if that's the case by February of next year.

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Source: Chris McKay

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