Nightwing Director Asks Fans For Help Picking A Perfect Actor


Nightwing director Chris McKay is asking fans for input so that they can select the perfect Dick Grayson actor. Warner Bros. is moving full steam ahead with the unofficially titled DCEU but are making necessary adjustments along the way. The studio named Walter Hamada as DC Films' new president, and there's been reports of what he envisions the future DC slate to be. One of those projects is Nightwing, a movie fans haven't heard much about since McKay was announced as director last year.

McKay has been working diligently on Nightwing ever since he boarded the project, trying to get the film off the ground and into production. He's continually said that WB isn't rushing him, and that he's taking his time to get this movie right. And it looks like he's getting closer to hitting that mark. McKay has been teasing a major Nightwing announcement - one that isn't casting, however - after saying in late 2017 that the casting process hadn't yet begun. But, Nightwing appears to be moving closer to that stage, and McKay now wants fans to help him out a bit.

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McKay asked fans to participate in a poll on Twitter so that he could have a better understanding of what is most important to them when it comes to an actor's quality. At the moment, "a badass martial artist" is what's most important to fans, with the casting of a "recognizable movie star" coming in last place. Take a look (and vote):

If YOU were to cast NIGHTWING, what is the most important quality you would you look for in actor:

— Chris McKay (@buddboetticher) February 9, 2018

This is definitely an unconventional move from McKay, asking for fan input when it comes to casting. It's not coming in the form of popular fan casts, though, and instead focuses on the qualities of Nightwing and the actor who will eventually be portraying him. McKay has been very clear that he wants an actor who can physically do the Nightwing justice and involve a lot of real stunt work. The early results of his poll make it apparent that fans agree with him, with over a third of votes going to someone who is an actual martial artist.

Even though fans can only choose one of the options when submitting their vote, McKay's eventual choice for the character could be a combination of the options. After all, he has said before that they will be looking at a wide variety of actors in the casting process. McKay has even gone as far as to encourage people to submit their auditions so he can see as many people as possible. If this poll is any indication, DCEU's future Nightwing could actually be an industry newcomer. While fans won't find out who will be playing Dick Grayson for some time, that doesn't mean McKay can't reveal some big news about Nightwing in the coming weeks and months.

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Source: Chris McKay

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