Exclusive: First Look At Nightwing's New Murderous Villain

A new Nightwing story begins this week in DC Comics as issue 035 brings together writer Sam Humphries (Green Lanterns) and artist Bernard Chang together to see Dick Grayson confront a new lethal foe. Nightwing, the first hero of the impoverished city of Blüdhaven, has brought with him another villain from his past, but this time it's someone he's never actually seen before.

Humphries told CBR earlier this year that this new, mysterious antagonist "is a devious new creation by [him] and Bernard — a murderous cold case from Nightwing’s past." And that means this arc will dig into Grayson's past and we'll be seeing him in his early heroic days as Robin and as a student.

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For a little hint at the new baddie and a glimpse into why Humphries was excited for the opportunity to move over to Nightwing, below is an exclusive preview of first pages of Nightwing #35. But first, the cover and variant:

And here are the first six pages:

“THE UNTOUCHABLE: HUNTERS!” Nightwing finally feels like he’s got his life in Blüdhaven under control. But the one thing he wasn’t expecting was for a case from his past in Gotham City to rear its head here—a murderer he never set eyes on, but whose unmistakable signature has arrived in his new city! How many people will die before he’s stopped this time? Or worse than that... what if Dick can’t stop him? Incoming creative team Sam Humphries and Bernard Chang kick off a story that will take Nightwing back to his days as Robin and force him to question his future as well!

Update: Humphries adds that "we've never seen the Judge before, but Nightwing has, twice! Hence the stories of his time as Robin, and as a college student."

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Nightwing #35 is available December 20, 2017.

Source: DC Comics

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