Rumor: Sony Developing Nightwatch Movie; Eyeing Spike Lee to Direct

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A new rumor states Nightwatch will be the next solo movie to be included in Sony's Spidey-less universe, and it already has a writer with Sony eyeing a high profile director in Spike Lee. In the wake of their success working with Marvel Studios to make Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sony has continued on with plans to create a superhero shared universe of their own. This will happen by utilizing Spidey's supporting characters they own the theatrical rights to, but so far won't include Tom Holland or any other version of Spider-Man.

This universe launches next year with Venom starring Tom Hardy and possibly Riz Ahmed, and continues on the year after with Silver & Black directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood. Two films do not make up a shared universe, and it is now rumored that Nightwatch will be the next character to get the spotlight.

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On the latest episode of Meet the Movie Press, host and EIC of Tracking-Board Jeff Sneider shared the following rumor of the status of a Nightwatch film. According to this rumor which Sneider classifies as being "very confident" in, Edward Ricourt is currently writing a script for this standalone film. With the movie looking to be in development, Sneider also shared a rumor he has not had confirmed that Sony has their eyes on Spike Lee to direct.

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Even though Sneider is confident in parts of this report, it is merely a rumor at this point - and one that he dropped at the end of the episode and not write a story for on his site. Studios develop many different projects that never see the light of day, so the possibility of Ricourt writing a script for a Nightwatch solo film could just be Sony seeing what opportunities they have. Ricourt previously wrote Now You See Me, but this would not be an ensemble piece.

In fact, a Nightwatch movie could be them looking for a home for the character after reportedly wanting him to appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming. But, with that report being based on Sony's research of the character, it could be that they've been interested in making this film for close to a year. If the project does wind up reaching a point where a director is needed, there is no telling whether or not Spike Lee would do it. He is a very well-known director and has not previously shown an interest in doing big blockbusters. That said, the chance to direct a superhero film starring a black hero could be just what he is looking for.

Nightwatch is a relatively unknown character to the masses, so Sony and potentially Lee would most likely have the freedom to change aspects from the source material. In the comics, Kevin Trench becomes Nightwatch after stumbling across a man dead in an ally wearing the suit. When he takes the suit off of the dead man, he discovers that it is actually an older version of himself. Playing with this mythology could create an interesting tale, so hopefully Sony does something unique with their own black superhero should Nightwatch move forward.

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Nightwatch is reportedly in development and does not have a release date.

Source: Meet the Movie Press

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