New 'Nightmare On Elm Street' Trailer, Clip & Poster [Updated]

a nightmare on elm street poster

[Update: We now have the official third trailer to share!]

[Re-update: We also have a clip from the film to share!]

The third trailer for New Line Cinema's remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street is floating around online and it... well, pretty much offers the same things we've seen in the advertising campaign so far.

Teenagers in peril as they struggle to stay awake, flashes of creepy, blue-lit nightmarish landscapes, and Jackie Earle Haley exuding menace as Freddy Krueger while delivering his lines in what is quickly becoming his trademark Rorschach breed raspy voice.

If you're not already looking forward to this new horror flick, then the trailer won't help much.

Unfortunately we learned that the new trailer is a bootleg, and we don't post those kinds of things here on Screen Rant. That said, look for an update soon when the new trailer has been officially released.


Update: Thanks to Bloody-Disgusting we now have the official HD third trailer for A Nightmare On Elm Street:

Bloody-Disgusting also debuted this clip from the film:

Also, be sure to check out a shot of the the new Nightmare On Elm Street movie poster - again, courtesy of the folks at Bloody Disgusting:

nightmare on elm street remake movie poster

It's pretty minimalist in design (in case it wasn't clear before, Freddy likes to use his metal claws to slash things) but it gets the job done.

What do you folks think?  Feeling more excited?  Less?  Pretty much the same as before?

A Nightmare on Elm Street hits theaters on April 30 this year.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

Update Source: Bloody Disgusting

Re-Update Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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