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Freddy's back and ready to attack theaters in the U.S. tomorrow (April 30th) in the highly-anticipated remake of Wes Craven's 1984 horror film, A Nightmare On Elm Street, with music video director Samuel Bayer taking over directorial duties on this horror movie remake.

Seeing that we still have one more day to go, you can get your Nightmare On Elm Street fix by checking out a new clip from the film, as well as an excellent look at how Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen) looks as the new Freddy, and even some words from the actor himself.

First, you should have a look at the latest official Nightmare clip, one which finds Kris (Katie Cassidy) experiencing every teenager's worst nightmare - being trapped in her high school after hours with neither her cell phone nor access to the Internet.

There are some creepy little girls and a horribly burnt monster in there with her but, hey, what high school doesn't have those, right?

(NOTE: I have no idea why this clip is labeled as "restricted" but, as with all videos, be careful where you choose to watch it all the same. ;) )


Speaking of Mr. Freddy Krueger, some of you readers out there might recall that I've complained before about Jackie Earle Haley's make-up job in the new Nightmare.

Well, I have to admit - based off this up close and personal pic from the film - it actually looks convincingly gory after all.

Finally, BD had a chance to chat with Haley about taking over the iconic Freddy Krueger role, which prior to now has been played by actor Robert Englund in every cinematic incarnation of the character.

Haley, however, admitted to feeling both intimidated and confident about his performance.

"... It’s super-scary because again, Robert’s been playing Freddy and playing him brilliantly.  Even as the character has changed over time, he just did it so well.  And Freddy is part of our culture.  People know the name Freddy Krueger that have no idea what ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ is.  I mean, that’s how famous he’s become.  He represents that character in the campfire story.  So when a character becomes that famous, and when you bring up the [name] Freddy Krueger, everybody automatically thinks of Robert and ‘that’ Freddy.  So it’s really hard to try to come out in a movie…he’s got 20 years of being Freddy.  We’re just coming out in one movie here. So it’s kind of comparing apples to oranges.  And I’m good with that. You know, I kind of just had to accept that."

Nightmare on Elm Street

Haley also revealed that - as a big sci-fi fan himself - it was the "paranormal quality" of the original Nightmare on Elm Street that he liked, and he thought the low-budget, hokey feel of the 1984 film was in fact "part of its charm."

So who then does Haley hope to appeal to with his take on Mr. Krueger?

"... At the end of the day, as much as people love horror, it’s still most effective when you’re seventeen.  It just is, you know?  So I think that younger audience should really get a kick out of this newer film.  And I really hope that the older fans of the franchise get a kick out of it just because it’s fresh and new and revitalized."

For more of the interview with Haley - which includes bits about his makeup job and how Freddy Krueger compares to his role as a pedophile in Little Children - you should go HERE.

So what do you think?  Will you be heading out tomorrow to check out A Nightmare On Elm Street at your local theater?

Source: Bloody Disgusting, Empire, Youtube

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