'Nightmare On Elm Street' Producer Responds To Fan Concerns

The release of the A Nightmare On Elm Street trailer finally allowed fans to see not only a glimpse of the upcoming film, but also a glimpse of how Freddy would look and sound. The fan response was overwhelming, but not without controversy.

While fans were interested in seeing the trailer for the film, most walked away feeling one of two ways: "This looks great" or "Michael Bay Sucks." While the latter might make you believe the discussion was about Transformers 2, remember that Bay’s production studio, Platinum Dunes, is behind this horror re-imagining.

I myself wasn’t too excited after seeing the trailer, but I don’t blame Michael Bay. Honestly, I don’t know who to blame, but I’m sure it's more of a group of people than any single person. Still, (some) fans are not happy and someone needs to reassure us that they’re not just after a money grab, but are actually looking to make a good movie.

Cue producer, Brad Fuller. On the Platinum Dunes production blog, Fuller attempts to smooth things over with wary fans by finally saying what everyone has been thinking:

"…Drew and I know that NOES is the most important film we've made. We know how all you feel about Freddy, and how you feel about us. We don't want to be the guys who screwed up Freddy and as such are pushing ourselves harder than we've ever pushed."

Now that we're all on the same page, Fuller moves on to answer fan questions/concerns about the film that arose after seeing the trailer.

Is that Freddy's final look?

"No, it isn't - we are continuing to refine Freddy's look. Many people commented about the CGI on his face - and I don't want to give everything away but I will say this - Freddy's face is 98% practical make-up. Moreover, as you now know we went hardcore on what a burn victim really looks like, and I can't imagine what the comments would have been if he DIDN'T look like a real burn victim."

Is that Freddy's final voice?

"No, Jackie spent so much time on the voice, researching what people who've has their vocal cords burned sound like. He is still working on it and I suspect that we will be refining it, until the last moment."

Will it be rated PG-13?

"Are you kidding me? Make no mistake about it this is a R-rated movie."

As a huge Nightmare on Elm Street fan (I still have my 3D glasses from Freddy’s Dead), I am very protective over this franchise. While not including Robert Englund in this film put me in a bad mood for a while, after seeing Watchmen, I thought Jackie Earle Haley would be a great Freddy (especially after the prison riot scene).

As I previously mentioned, the trailer left me really cold to the entire project, but after reading through some of what Fuller had said, it has calmed me down some. The film is not out until April of next year and a lot of things can happen. Sure, we’ve all heard this before, "We know this is important to you and we’re not going to screw this up." Only to find out that "screwing this up" is exactly what they did.

Still, I think I’ll give Freddy another chance. Unless there are twin talking cars that can’t read… then I’m gone.

A Nightmare On Elm Street will be in theaters April 30, 2010

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